Hi All Healthunlockders No work today-sick Ahhh

I called into work today and said ''I can't come to work today,I am really sick.Got a headache,stomache ache, legs are hurting and my COPD is playing up''.

My boss said ''You know something Richard,I really need you today.When I feel sick like you do,I go home to my wife and tell her to give me sex.That makes everything better and I go back to work....You try that.''

I phoned back two hours later''I did what you said and I feel great......Be back at work soon...

By the way you've got a lovely house!''

Richard Cornish


Feel great ,join your local Breathe Easy group.Details BLF

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  • nice one

  • You're quick off the mark

  • Very good x

  • I thought this one would make you smile.

  • Oh you are so good at this, pleeeeease keep it up you make so many people laugh. :D

  • I shall keep trying

  • I've read it out to my husband who has laughed his socks off!

    Lynne xx

  • That is fantastic!

  • Well done, KOTC - good jokes provide light relief. I get them in by email sometimes but dont know how to transfer them.

  • I re-write them myself

  • What's your boss's address ? :)

  • Naughty thoughts !!

  • Good .Keep smiling

  • Keep them coming!! xx

  • I will try

  • You're doing well Richard, are you eventually going to run out of jokes.

    Lib x

  • I don't think so Lib.Not if I've got to keep you smilimg

    Richard x

  • really funny - enjoyed the laugh, thanks xx

  • Keep tuned in for more janie62


  • looking forward to the next lot ;-)

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