My day

I was working today, and on the whole it went well.

BUT, I travelled there by train, all fine, and had arranged to meet someone at the station (in Crewe) who said they would walk me to the office as it was only 5 minutes. BIG mistake.

This morning Crewe was in thick fog. The road we had to walk UP was a very busy dual carriageway with really bad car fumes. The best of it is it took over half an hour to do the 5 minute walk as it was actually 1.5 miles uphill. I had to stop twice to use my inhaler and ended up with a massive headache.

What annoys me most is that I tried to explain to this person, in advance, that walking could be a problem for me depending upon the conditions. She assured me it was an easy 5 minute walk on the flat. I think it actually worried her when she saw how breathless I became due to the fog and fumes.

Why do people not listen to us about this condition?

Rant over, I'm fine now and they will remember for the next time, I hope.

Lynne xx

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  • Sounds like your colleague has a job for life - at ATOS ! ;)

  • Now now!!

  • I was in Crewe on Monday returning my daughter to her university house. Its a 90mile trip up from Malvern. Every time I go there I find the roads jammed with traffic and struggle to get anywhere. Living on the Malvern Hills I realise how lucky I am as the air quality is so good but the down side is there is a lot of hills to walk up. I sympathise with you Lnne as people who have good lungs just don't realise that even the slightest incline becomes a challenge for us. Mind you your colleague is probably very aware of it now! and if theres a next time she will arrange transport. I just spoke to my daughter on the phone and was telling her of my great day walking in the sun and she confirmed what you said that its been a very grey day up there in Crewe.

  • Fog fogged me up today in Nottingham

  • I'm sure it was an easy 'flat' walk to your colleague! Glad you made it though.

    Bev x

  • Well congratulations on making it!!!! Maqybe you have to be a bit more assertive to your work colleagues?Sometimes it is hard to get through to people,who realy dont understand,& probably dont want to!!

    Take care, Wendells xxxx

  • Have been caught out like this many times before. I am told that it is a quick 5 minutes walk and, like you, find that it is more of a marathon. I really do not think people are being deliberately unhelpful; I think it is more a question that they cannot possibly conceive what it might be like not to be able to breathe or run and walk without hindrance. Let's be honest, did any of us know what it would feel like until it happened to us - I know that I had not a clue.

  • You are absolutely right about that. To be fair, the person involved was mortified when she saw how I was.

    Lynne xx

  • Too true

  • Hi Lynne, I was going to say that I bet your colleague was scared half to death at the sight of you with your inhaler and struggling to breathe! I have just read that I was right. I am so glad you made it though and mental note: No more uphill struggles for you. People need to listen and I bet your colleague will from now on. Good luck at work. xxx

  • The odd thing is that I am not usually that bad, but I think the fog and traffic fumes tipped the balance. Anyway, I am fine today.

    Lynne xx

  • Walking the blues ?

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