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travelling and insurance

have been too nervous to travel since 2011, frightened of getting ill and getting stuck with a whopping bill. Have phoned up a couple of places, but they seemed so expensive. Has anyone got any good referrals of companies that are reasonable and if something were to happen, that their service is good

Very much appreciated, with thanks ~

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Hi there

We have lots of information on this on our website here


We also have a few recommended insurers that you can find out more about

or you can call the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 for expert advice.

Hope this helps


thank you for that Athar, have tried a couple but just for a 2 week break they wanted around the £250 mark, no annual insurance. I was hoping to get somewhere cheaper. I have got the recommendations from your helpline, who were great. Yes, it does seem to go on how many medications you are on. Have just found one of the travelling tags and have been looking at that. Will persevere and appreciate you replying.

I found this year that it was impossible to afford annual travel insurance particularly as we wanted to go worldwide but we did find Holiday Extras who covered us for asbestosis, copd and asthma for 3 weeks for just under £200. Unfortunately we did have use them and they were very understanding. Hope this helps and that you have a good holiday

i have sky i pay £5 extra a month and you can used all the time and you will have no mre higher bils

I've just booked travel insurance for my husband and I through Unique (found via the BLF site). We both have health issues (me more than one) and it has cost us £225 for a month away and that's giving all the cover we will need.. I didn't even bother trying to get other quotes as I'm sure half of the insurance companies wouldn't accept us, or if they did it would be for everything but the ailments we've got. I believe the costs vary depending on where you're travelling to.

That's who I used too. Maybe they aren't the cheapest but they were happy to insure me at a reasonable price for a trip to the US.

thank you for this and for all other replies, really helpful. Fortunately not on oxygen, but having had to be in on oxygen in hospital this year, it seems (I suppose obviously) to go against you.

I will try them tomorrow and if I get a good quote, will ensure that this is because of the web community of the BLF. Always good for them to know who their best customers are!

Cheers ~

The quotes also, in my experience, depend on whether you are on oxygen or not. If not, you can get insurance for around the £200 + mark; if you are on oxygen, bank loans are, I believe, available!!!

Hi zoebp, there are a lot of variables with emphysema - although you are not on oxygen, have you had the fit to fly test at the hospital? You don't have to need regular oxygen to be found to be not fit to fly (because of the pressure in the cabin of an aeroplane - there is generally less oxygen in the cabin than a normal environment and people with lung problems can find it harder to breath). Being a copd sufferer doesn't mean you will eventually need oxygen, you can be a co2 retainer, in which case too much oxygen is very dangerous. If you are found to be not fit to fly then you may need to arrange for oxygen to be available on the flight. Some airlines provide it at quite a high cost, about £100, I think, others don't provide it at all and very few (usually the more expensive airlines) don't charge. I am pretty sure you are not allowed to take your own oxygen into the cabin for obvious reasons. You will need to research this comprehensively because if you do go ahead and arrange insurance, as we all know, they will use any excuse not to pay out a claim. You really have to check it all out with your consultant. Libby x

thanks Libby, I will look into this, though have left it all very last minute!

My husband has CLL Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia .Also heart problems, gout, thyroid and is on warfarin. An article in the Daily Mail recommended a company called Insurewith. after failing to find any insurance cover that we didn't need a bank loan for (whilst in remission), therefore just when you need a holiday with loved ones. We contacted them first online then by phone as we prefer to speak to people. Amazing excellent response resonably priced we were totally honest with them and they couldn't have been more helpful and honest with us. Suffice to say we had a restful warm holiday in Crete just before xmas did us a power of good and will be visiting our family in Florida in the autumn for a third of the price of some of the rip of companies we had spoken to if indeed they'd contemplaed insuring him at all.

fully recommend them.

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