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After the worst chest infection Ive had since my origional peumonea 2 years ago I decided to get back to a bit of normality. I attended the 1st breath easy class this year where I new I would'nt be capable of doing what I could do 2 weeks ago. It was great to meet up with your friends and get your body up and puffing again. I settled for 10 sit to stands this week as the chest infection has'nt cleared up completely and I finish the Antibiotics tomorrow. Next week we'll push for 20 and so on. I find that after an infection it can take a good month to get back to wear you were before. The tea and biscuits and catching up with your friends is great for the body and soul. A few of the group were on antibiotics with infections so I hope we don't spread our germs around amoungst each other too much but it seems as there is always someone with a infection so we just have to take a bit of a chance otherwise the class would struggle to run. Afterall were all ill even at our best so we just get on with it. Im looking foward to Hereford utd V AFC Telford tonight but i'll pass on watching it live and settle for the internet coverage in the warm. COME ON THE BULLS MAKE MY DAY!!!!!. What would really make my day is hearing some news from Birmingham QE about my Lung transplant assessment but I have to be patient and wait for somebody to make that big decision. Fingers and toes are crossed so come on postman bring me some good news eh!!

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Come on AFC Telford !!

You're doing well dall05, a bit more each week.

Lib x

If you are a AFC Telford fan then you have my sympathy's as tonight will be a bad night for you. 2 nil too Hereford I predict as the team is back to full strength for tonights game and Bowman our striker is on fire.Ha Ha. I'm glad I went to breath easy today as its loosend the old mucus and I'm feeling good. It beats sitting around and

clogging up which can only do more harm and breed more infections.

The match ended 1-1 so my prediction was a little optomistic.Telford scored in the very last minute just to ruin my night. Oh well its only a game,just hope the shock don't go to my lungs. Goodnight Libbygood.

Well done Dall, every little helps and improvements come faster than you think really.

Lynne xx

Yes its all about small steps and getting the end result right. Everyone's different and getting back to exercise as soon as possible seems to work for me. I dont think it helped me in hospital as our room was isolated due to suspected Nora Virus and we were not allowed out,even for a short walk. The day I was discharged they gave us the all clear, just my luck!! Thanks Lynne x.

Hope you are feeling better soon dall05

It just shows how different each breathe easy group can be.

Our breathe easy only meets once a month and doesn't include exercise. We ask all members to stay away if they are infected with a cold, any respiratory infection which includes a lung infection, as these can be contagious and can put other members at risk.

I know it may be difficult for you but if your priority is to pass the transplant assessment you need to be as healthy as you can be. Avoiding others who are infected could be a very good way of making sure you are assessed fit for the op. Speak with the helpline for further advice on this.

Wishing you good health and success with the transplant assessment.


Wow that surprises me,only once a month. I thought that all breath easy's would be a simular set up. If we wanted we could also go to another local class each week as well but I try and do my exercising at home too. I've alway's wondered about the mixing of people with infections as its certainly not ideal but there were 3 or 4 of us there today that were on antibiotics and not at our best. This seems almost the norm most weeks, I would'nt want to stop going so its a catch 22 situation, do the risk's outway the benifits? I've had a good run infection free so hopefully this is just a blip but they have recently increased my micophenolate immune suprressant to 2 grams per day which is the same dose as a kidney transplant patient so this is weakening my immune system to a whole new level. Only time will tell as out there in the world of healthy people It seems as though its a bad year for colds and flue's. We gotta keep our heads down and hope we can avoid it all. Thanks Zoee I'll look at speaking with the helpline but I think that I know what their going to say and I'm not too sure I'll want to here it. Do I want to wrap myself in cotton wool or do I continue doing what I do and whatever will be will be?

Its just one of the lifestyle choices we make having damaged lungs. Our Breathe Easy members go to exercise class outside of breathe easy but many of us go to the same exercise class weekly in addition to other exercise routines. The general agreement of our group is to stay away when infected, some members are so vulnerable, an infection could kill them aside from the possibility of it causing further lung damage. We just can't afford to take the risk and many do not want to take the risk with their lungs. For me personally I see it as part of preserving my lung health. Staying stable and avoiding lung infections means for me a greater quality of life. But I understand we all make the choices and sacrifices that we feel are best for us. I do feel though that if people started coming to our group with colds and lung infections many members would stop attending and that would be a real shame for us all.

I agree with Zoee, Dall. Stay infection free at all costs! Good luck. Auntymary xx

Staying infection free is impossible but I guess we can do a little to protect ourselves and the others around us. It is strange that we all know of the risks of meeting up every week and we kind of joke about passing our infections to each other. I'm supprised that our respiratory team don't seem overly concerned with this issue and concentrate more on the benifits of the exercise routine that we all love so much, ouch! . The summer months are much better as the doors and windows are open but this time of year the heating is on and were all coughing and spluttering together. There seems to be no way of avoiding colds etc as my daughter came home from University with a heavy cold and it was soon after that that my chest infection materialised and put me in hospital. Maybe I'll become a Hermit and go and live in a cave somewhere!! UGG (HEATED OF COURSE)


I volunteer at our local hospital once a week, taking the library trolley round. After a bout of pneumonia last year I asked my doctor if I should give up the hospital due to the risk of infection. He laughed and said I could just as easily pick something up in Tesco, and that we shouldn't wrap ourselves in cotton wool. I try to be sensible, but want to live a normal a life as possible.

Yes your right,we have to live our lives and just keep everything crossed. I hate the feel of cotton wool anyway. Well done for helping out at the hospital Sylvsmum.

Come on postie don't be slow ,be like Elvis and go man go,bring dall05news as quick as you can.

Yes come on mr postman bring me some goodnews in the morning.It'll give me a laugh if he's wearing blue suede shoes and a full on white suit. I certainly wont be telling him to RETURN TO SENDER, address unknown, no such number, no such zone.

Ride on

You know I love this blog site and its great sense of humor. Were all falling apart and in the face of impending doom we can still have a laugh. keep it coming Kingofthecocktails.

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