only 50 and told my lung age is 80

Hello everyone i had my lung function test today , i was expecting things to have got alot better coz iv,e been so much better last 4 months .Nurse said slight improvement but was upset to learn my lung function was only 44% severe stage and lung age 80,its really scared me ,im eating best i can been to rehab and havant smoked for 8 months ,i feel best i have in a long while ,maybe i expected to much . Sharon x

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  • Hi Sharon, don't be too disappointed, you are showing slight improvement so you are headed in the right direction, just keep doing what you are doing, staying smoke free and keep up the exercise avoiding the bugs as much as you can etc. 8 months is still early days in another 8 months if you remain stable I am betting there will be another slight improvement.

    Keep up the good work and be proud you have remained smoke free for 8months and have improved during that time.

    All good wishes zoee x

  • Thanks for that zoee ,i will keep it up i wont let it beat me ,only thing i find really hard isthe motivation to excercise x

  • Keeping the exercise going is crucial and is a major part in helping to keep the condition stable and slow down the progress of lung deterioration. We decondition far too quickly without it and it is not as quick to regain the level of fitness we once achieved when exercising regularly.

  • Hi Sharon

    I'm 55, and had a lung function test before Christmas.... shocking reduction. However I don't feel that bad actually. And I continue to feel well. Its what you feel and how you cope with what you do that matters, My lung function as a % is very poor but I work fulltime and feel mostly OK tho a bit breathless.

    Never mind the numbers, if you feel OK then you are OK. Live for the now, if you feel OK then that's all any one can ask whatever their medical condition.

    Keep positive

    Bolilly aka (Liz)

  • From 1 Liz to another! love that positive attitude :)

  • Hi Sharon, try not to get you down. You are doing everything right and hopefully you will stay stable for a long time to come! Try not to let it stop you doing things, carrying on as normal helps not only physically but mentally too. I'm 60 and just over 20% lung function, end stage, and a lot of it's my own fault! So it's a case of do what I say, not as I do! I didn't have any help or advice in the early days and spent too much time feeling sorry for myself. Ha ha ha, I was told my lung age was 108 four or five years ago and all I could say was how do you know that, how many 108 year olds have any lung function at all?!! I wish I had my Aunt Mary's lung function, she's 94 and unbelievable. There's nothing she can't do. She got 2 degrees from the Open University in the last 3 or 4 years. She has that positive mental attitude that has always eluded me! So, keep strong, keep well, and for any advice this forum is a great place, whether it's your physical or mental wellbeing. Libby x

  • Snap, my last lung function test at the hospital was 44% as well, but I'm still here :) I really must ask about other scary figures they use too, like lung age - don't think they've ever told me that one.

    I'm now 55 and I've not smoked for 4 years but don't really feel any better for it in myself as my problems got worse after I stopped. I think I'm due back to see the consultant soon, not sure if they want to do more tests yet, they usually do. I'm due to start PR shortly, just waiting for a start date to be sent.

    Because we know we have a problem, and have medication for it too, we can probably manage ourselves better than those who are still smoking and simply don't know they have a lung disease. Do what you can to avoid getting chest infections and look after yourself, that should help.

  • thanks Gordon. Sometimes i wonder if its better not to know 'sometimes i feel so well i tell myself they made a mistake x

  • ...and sometimes its not worth all the worrying we do. ;) xx

  • Hi Sharon.......I feel EXACTLY like this. I'm sure I've felt much worse since they told me I had scarring on my lungs. Before that, I just laughed with my friends about getting older!!!

  • Hi Sharon. Well it is an improvement so thats good and very well done for stopping smoking. I was told over 2 years ago my lung age was 89. But my oxygen level is 92%. Not sure I get that! How can one be so good and one so bad?

    Bev x

  • HI Bev i know what you mean my lung age was 80 but my sats were 99% couldn,t get much better than that .Sharon x

  • I'm 39 with a lung age of 79. I don't worry about it. What is is what is.

    Easier said than done I know but no point worrying I don't think it does us much good.

    Keep well and we'll all support each other

    Mike x

  • thanks Mike i know your right im gonna stop worrying and try to not be so serious all the time ,i thank everyone who replied to me i dont have a husband anymore was divorced last year and being able to tell my fears to you people makes me feel less alone, THANK-YOU ALL Sharon X

  • At my last function test I was told that my lung age was 142 I'm wondering if that will get me a double pension.

    Nothing to worry about still reasonably active gym & walking (slow to stop) and good sats. many years to come yet.

  • I have never been told my lung age either. I'm 55% and am 58. COPD doesn't stop me, I work and do exercise.

    My first annual check will be in about May, so I will be interested to see how my readings have changed. Like many if you, I feel better than I did.

    Lynne xx

  • i am 54 and i am 13% but i am still ok, you might get a little better, you are still really good

  • Im 54 and 43% i haven't smoked for ten years now, i hated PR and at first got really down about my illness, my husband bought a puppy and now i walk with him and the dog for an hour or more every day, i have to stop for a rest of course but i do feel better by doing this exercise, don't give up fight on buy a puppy if you have to lol .

  • I am not sure what is meant by lung age. I mean I know it means that the lungs are the age of whatever number they say, but not sure how it is done to get it. So I am not sure what my lung age is. But you have some improvemnet and I am so happy about that xxxxxx

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