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wet room

Hi all bromley council deliverd a bath seat cristmas evev this is replace a plastic one wich was and could not be used the occupational therapist is comeing tommorw to see if my whife can get me on and in bath if not they will look at other ways I am 18 stone not been out house for 3 years this being my fourth and all strip washes by her should I resing myself to coroadeing a way 71 years treated like a child ill go know as going on a bit by

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I was having problems getting out of the bath and my hubby problems getting in the bath, we had an O.C. come out and assess us neither of us could help each other, (perhaps that is your answer) when your wife is not able to help you they will have to do something so perhaps now is the time.

They gave us a wet room with a shower and a large chair for my husband who is bigger than you, we also had a stair lift fitted. As we had a little savings we did have to pay something towards it but not a lot.

Good luck.



Hi - don't know if you can get them on the NHS but we bought an electric chair (!!) for my husband to get in and out of the bath. He sits on it at top of the bath height, I swing his legs over the bath, then lower him into the water. When he's soaked the chair raises him up again and we reverse the procedure for getting him out. Works for us - but cost about £600. (ouch)

I like it because I use the shower, and the seat just lifts out of the bath when not in use.



Get in touch with BLF helpline, sounds like you need a care assessment and systems put into place to protect you and your wife. Plus you can apply to your council for adapt-ions to your home. Read about it today in the latest "Yours" magazine!


we are in the process of trying to get the downstairs loo turned into a wetroom for our daughter and the bathroom upstairs extending by 4ft into the spare bedroom. had a call the other day so hopeful. I do hope you manage to get things sorted that suit you and your wife xxxxx


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