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New on here

this is my 1st post on here as I find the posts very interesting and have made me aware other people are worse than me and yet still enjoy life. I was diagnosed as copd 2 years ago and after several attempts gave up smoking 8 months ago. I was due to fly to America to visit my son and family for Christmas but could not go because I came down with a chest infection the week before. The airline were very good and on receipt of a fax from the doctor our flights are being kept on hold for a year. I used my emergency pack of anti biotics and steroids but still needed another course as this chest infection really floored me and my breathing was really bad with sats of 90. 2 weeks on and I am at last feeling a whole lot better but am a bit impatient to do more. My doctor wants to see me in a few weeks to decide if I am fit to fly (my sats must be 95) I usually have a good immune system but am looking for advice for avoiding infections in the weeks leading up to my flights and during the flights

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Hello there and welcome. What a shame about your Christmas flight. I do hope you can go soon.

Avoiding infections really means avoiding people, I suppose. Also, washing hands a lot, using hand gel, try not o be in crowded places etc. I think avoidiong infections on a flight is harder as the air is just recirculated all the time.

Lynne xx

Hi well done on the giving up smoking that's the best help you can give to yourself. I like to travel but the smoking did get in the way of my getting from a to b and after your doctor's say so I hope you enjoy a good trip. The only way to keep colds at bay I've found is wellwoman vitamins or in the case of men wellman 1 a day from boots for the immune system also a zinc capsule and am about to add a b12 a day on advice from this forum. On my last long haul flight I asked for and was given 10 only valium or equivalent for during the flights and this helped a great deal, I only took a half tablet at a time and could have a snooze there and back. Along with spiriva I am given seretide and ventolin inhalers and during trips and on arrival took an extra one or two puffs on the seretide and ventolin daily.

Welcome CouncillorB, hope you find this site useful, it is a very friendly site

Lib x

Hello and welcome CouncillorB.

Hi there and welcome x

Hi, I am new too. How sad that you had to miss your flights but I am glad they are on hold for you. I hope that when you see your GP that the sats have gone up again and you can set off xxxxx

Thank you all for your kind words. At present I am not on any medication other than 2 inhalers Salbutamol and Atrovent. When I was ill before Christmas the urgent care team from the local hospital came out and gave me these 2 medicines in a nebuliser. If I am totally honest I would say they didnt help a great lot to ease my breathing. I found I got more relief If I sit still and calm my breathing down myself. I can manage my life if I plan ahead and anticipate any obstacles stairs etc> and allow plenty of time. During my last few flights (I need 3 separate flights to my sons in the USA) I have had superb assistance at every airport from check in to steps of plane and in transit through airports so I have no worries on that score,you just have to ask in advance, I intend to keep as well as I can and take the trip at Easter (we will have another Christmas Day on Easter Sunday)


I'm on Pulmonary Rehab course at the moment and last week the nurse did a talk about going away. She gave a really good tip, she wears a scarf with Tea Tree oil on it, to ward off germs.

Kim xxxxx

I intend to take on board any tips available for staying germ free in the future including taking vitamins and eating the right diet. I carry hand gel in my handbag and thanks for the tea tree oil tip. I also read that black tea was good for copd sufferors. Pardon my ignorance but is black tea the normal tea we all drink or is it a special type as is green tea? and does it have to be drunk without milk

cheers xx

Hi and welcome CouncillorB. Can't offer any advice thats not already been said. Just wanted to say hi.

Bev x

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