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hi all,

Well i'm back, sorta, :)

for some time now i have been really ill, since Val died my health has gone downhill, i think it is because so much happened and with Christmas coming ( i lost my baby son on Christmas eve) i allowed it to get to me.

Been really ill, cant even walk to the loo and back without getting seriously out of breath and i have started to rely on others more and more which pees me off big time because i am so independent ( you know what its like, if its not done MY way its not done properly)

now on antidepressants and have a couple of appointments so hopefully i will be sorted out soon.

i would like to wish you all a happy (belated) Christmas and a breath easy new year, lets hope things get better for us all xxxxx

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Delighted you felt able to post. You are such a nice krazylady you probably forced yourself to do so and thanks. Have also been feeling rotten since around that time had to will myself onto a train puffing and panting and making a real show of myself to get to a funeral in Glasgow (my cousing 51 a lovely girl who left twin 13 year old girls a disabled brother who is a year younger and depended on her for care). Horrific and here am I still here all breathless and sort of useless and unable to help them -days were when I would be first to advise and help - got a thorough soaking all that day and pretty well been breathless and

fed up since. Can empathise a bit with you but not altogether, unfortunately nobody can not really. Please don't feel you need to cheer us up, but if you keep posting it will help to heal you and heal us. Let's hope we all breathe a bit easier in 2013 and again

great hear from you. Very much love and God rest your son and Val and my wee

Hi kerry,

sorry your having such a bad time of it lately,i hope that when you do get your appointments

over with, there will be some improvement in your health,

take care,

rose xxx

Chin up Krazylady.

Nice to hear from you hun, Merry Christmas to you too xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry to read of the rough time you are going through, thinkin of you xx

Hi Kerry,

I've been thinking of you a lot during this difficult time. Wishing you much better days and feeling 100% better in the not too distant future. May you find this Christmas time brings you much healing and the New Year much joy.

Loads of luv n hugs.

Zoee xox

Have been missing you like Krazy and glad to hear from you even if it is not great news. I hope you feel better about things soon and can breathe a little easier. xxx

Its great to hear from you Kerry. I have been thinking of you a lot and worrying about you. The passing of lovely Val upset us all especially you. We have lost one star and we can't do without our other stars like you. I think you are amazing and brave and lovely - I love you loads and I will always remember how good you were to me when I joined the site. I never forget kindness. There is not enough of that in this world. I store it up and treasure it.

I agree that don't force yourself on here when you don't feel up to long as you come on now and then so we know you are still with us.

Join the club on anti-depressants...don't know if you are aware but there is a depression community on here. Just go into other communities. I am on this one as well and while it doesn't seem to have as many members have found it good.

Really hope you are feeling better soon Kerry. Hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Onward and upwards in 2013.

Bev xxx

Hi Krazy! I am still reasonably new,so not familiar with Val etc.but do give you my condolences,albeit a little late.

Do hope you feel a little brighter soon,keep those appointments,and look after your self! Bevs idea sounds a good one, probably worth following through.

Big hugs to you,Wendells xxx

Hi Krazy, so sorry to hear of the bad time you have had, please try and keep your chin up, love and best wishes for the New Year to come Julia xxxx

hi there I also have had a hard time with breathing and yes sometimes those who help can be a hindrence but without them we would be lost i am sorry your christmas has not been as it should be my thoughts are with you xxx

Hi Kerry. A lot of people here have missed you and I know Val's passing hit you hard.

Please focus on improving your health and get better very soon.

Lynne xx

The top of the mornin to you Krazylillady, I hope you start feeling miles better soon,Christmas can be a stressful,painful,time for some of us and I hope the New Year brings you much to laugh and smile about! take care and keep in touch when you feel up to it,love and hugs Carol xxx

Hope the anti-depressants kick in soon. These long dark days and horrible weather don't help! Take care and wishing you better days, Carol,x

Welcome back krazylady, things can only get better now, keep your chin up, you have a lot of support on this site. Take care x x x

Hi, I am a newbie, so don't know you, or Val. However I've been here a couple of months now and come to know some of the names, and who gives support etc. This is a super place to be, and I am sure your friends here give you loads of love and help - so keep on checking in!


Greetings to you also Krazy :-) so pleased you are feeling able to write a blog once more. We've missed you but we do understand your need to "find" yourself again, you have gone through a traumatic time grieving for your partner in crime Val and remembering also your little baby.Yes I like you am independent and as you say if it's not done right you have to do it yourself ;-) though sometimes we all need to take five and chill, share the load to those who are willing to lend a hand - it does help for us to have "ME" time. Hope that the antid's help you on the road to recovery.

Take care Kerry and blog again soon.



take care, get all the help you need, and rest just waiting to feel better. 2 years ago after my Mum died, my immune system took a dive and I had a severe exacerbation - had to use a bowl in my lounge as I could not get to the loo ! Rely on others when you need to, and you'll be pulling more of your own weight as you recover. Notice every day 3 things to be grateful for, including the things that others do for you :)) I so hope you feel much better and brighter soon. xxx


You look after yourself and get back on here when you feel able.


dear krazylady, take your time, take it easy and try not to beat yourself up . when your down the only way is up,i do not mean that in a flippent way.been there when you feel battered and will pass ,hang on .sending you love. xx

Take care Krazy and blog when you can. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Here's to 2013 being better for you and everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm so sorry to hear of all your troubles. Here's hoping things will pick up for you soon.

You certainly deserve good fortune.

Take care, and my best wishes.

Hi Krazylady glad u posted we were worried about u. I hope things start to look up for u hun and remember we care about you. Happy new year to you lets hope this one is a better one xxx

hi krazylady

i do hope you are feeling better, the death of a great friend can turn you unsidedown, also the death of a precious son, no matter how long ago, its always with you.

i hope 2013 will be a much better year

love jan xxxxxxxx

Glad to hear from you.Keep positive and hopefully your health will improve soon


Sorry to hear about you loss, keep positive and look forward to the future.

You are not alone.

Take care.

Glad to see you back here krazylady. Was thinking of you often.

Happy Christmas to you too :)

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