He had it

Hi everybody, keith had his op late yesterday afternoon, the op went ok, BUT it was his breathing again so instead of being in theatre for 45mins it ended up being 2 1/2 hrs. The doctors told me and my daughter that he had serious trouble breathing and they were just about to ventilate him as he started to stabilize. Hes still very pooly but hey hes still will me Thank God. So I think this xmas will be a quiet one, for a man of 72 he has the will power of a young one, even though he can be a stubbon old git lol, but I dont suppose I would have him any other way. Thankyou Thankyou all on here for all your kind messages of support and I wish each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart a very Merry Christmas and please take care love Julia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • That's good news. Now go and enjoy Christmas ! :)

  • That's great news Julia! Here's wishing you both a quiet but lovely Xmas :)

  • You're more than halfway there now. Yes, recovery may take a while but hopefully he will feel a bit better every day now xxxx

    Lynne xx

  • Great news I hope you have a happy Christmas!

  • Love and best wishes to you both. xxxxxxx

  • Good news stubbornness can be a blessing some times! Have a good Christmas :)

  • Best wishes to u both xxxxx

  • So glad for you both,that Keiths stubborness probably pulled him through!

    Have a wonderful,if quiet Christmas,and all good wishes for the coming year xxx

  • Hi Julia so glad Keith has come through the op ok and he is now stable. I am wishing him a speedy recovery, getting stronger with each day that passes.

    All good wishes to you and all your family for Christmas and throughout the coming year.

    Zoee x x

  • Hi good news for you and yours. Was the op a transplant. I see your husband is 72. I'm 70 and have been told by my consultant thatI can't have a transplant because because I'm too old

    and there are not enough organs for us oldies.

    Have a peaceful Xmas

  • Hi Phillipehenry, no he had a hernia op, but nearly died last year due to his lung filling up with blood so was put in a drug induced coma, what with the copd it made his lungs really weak thankyou for your best wishes and the same to you x Julia xx

  • What wonderful news. ;)

    I wish him a speedy recovery and both of you a peaceful Christmas. xx

  • Thats good news i hope Keith mends quickly and that you all have a happy peacful christmas and a healthier happy new year xx

  • Thankyou all once again for the best wishes love Julia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • wishing you both a very happy healthy christmas and new year good job keiths stubborn gives him the strength to fight! my thoughts and prayers are with you xx

  • That s good news , all the best for Christmas and the new year and yes stubborness does make a difference .

  • Really good news Julia. Onwards and upwards now. Hope you both have a lovely Christmas.

    Love xxx

  • Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    Kim xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi just popped in, read the good news.

    I can uncross everything now!

    Wishing you both a happy Xmas and a peaceful new year.


  • I'm so pleased that its out the way now! so its onwards and forwards!! Have a Happy Christmas and New Year!! God Bless,love Carol xxx

  • Best wishes and a speedy recovery, wishing you both a lovely happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.


  • may god blessyou all this christmas

  • warm wishes to you and your family and speedy recovery x

  • How is Keith getting on today, on the mend I hope?

  • Hi Perce, thanks for asking he is in alot of pain and now has a chest infection but slowly getting there thanks again Julia xx

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