I am not as sick as I thought!!!!

I am not as sick as I thought!!!!

This site and all it's contributors over the past weeks have given me information, support and the courage to push for an appointment with a Consultant. BLF councelled me in how to ask the questions and I knew if I didn't understand the replies you lot would help.

My appointment was yesterday morning and I am just about coming to terms with the fact, if the CT scan agrees, that I have a small amount of damage on the right lung. The damage is historical as I have had breathing problems all my life. The Dr. believes it started in infancy with a bout of pneumonia. As previously mentioned I was a Smog child and further damage occured then. The most recent damage, which coincides with a noticable downturn in my mobility, was 12 years ago when I had Pleuracy. Xrays from 2008 to 2012 show no change. So...he has asked me to do a simple excercise twice a day he calls 'huffing' to help dislodge the gunk. He wants the CT scan done as a double check that he is not missing anything. Then he checked my hands and thats when I learnt about clubbing. Forgive me my vanity as from my teenage years to date girls have admired what we all thought were my 'filbert nails' domed and curved. He described them as classics for lung problems. He did not give me a name for my condition or suggest a 'cure' what he did say was that he could help me improve my breathing and would recommend a medication to my Doctor and would see me in January to discuss. All through this, except the Spiro bit, I had to use the breathing method I learnt here as I was so nervouse. He noticed that and nodded and smiled. Huffing works! I am so happy and it's down to you all. So......take your right hand, put it over your left shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back.

The last bit is that it's not smoking related, I am still going to try and stop and have had massive help again from you all. On a slightly different tack......I am now 10 stone in weight! Has anyone got any diet tricks that still include Olives and chocolate? not together!


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  • What a lovely encouraging blog Jane :) Thank you for sharing it with us and long may you continue to maintain your cheerfulness and spirit.


  • I am so pleased that you have such a positive outlook. Many congratulations for going down the path you did and getting so much from your appointment. If you get diet tips that work can I share them please?

  • It sounds like a really thorough consultation. As for dieting? I too am losing and I'm finding calorie counting is working for me as well as exercise.

    As long as you count your calories, you can still have olives and chocolates :)

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Hajoed, great to hear that this forum has not only helped you in your quest to find the cause of your health problems, but has also given you a new sense of confidence. 10st doesn't sound an awful lot, unless you are quite small in height. I've never been more than half a stone overweight and I've never actually dieted or watched calorie intake. I've just done it by slowly cutting down on the things we all are bad for us (all the good things!!). I'm a firm believer in everything in moderation but a little bit of what you fancy does you good. I adore olives and kid myself that they are good for me, but I always drain them on kitchen roll if they're in oil. I'm more or less housebound so have my weekly shop delivered, if I don't order it then it's not there to tempt me and I'm not tempted by actually being in a shop and seeing all the goodies. A couple of years ago I was 2 stone underweight and it was very difficult to get the weight back on, harder than losing it. Buy some "healthy" snacks like dried fruit, carrots are good to nibble on, replacing one meal every few days with cereal and skimmed milk. Tinned fruit (in fruit juice, not syrup) with 0% fat yoghurt is great when you fancy something sweet. When you're not in the peak of health it's best not to do anything drastic, slowly will work over time. Little changes can make a big difference. Good luck! Libby x

  • Thank you Libby, love the cat!


  • Thanks Jane, that's my Lily. She's 13 and very special - i don't know if you can see from the picture, she has an extra little paw at the side of each normal front paw and 2 extra toes on each back foot. She's like the cats on the "cats with thumbs" advert! Yours look extra cute too! Libby

  • Good positive post Jane just what we need, keep it up.

    Lib x

  • Hi Jane

    Excellent you have a proactive consultant. Lovely post.


  • Libby7827. Do the Manx cats have the extra toes too? Lily, your Mummy or Daddy may have been from a long way away. In the picture of my two the larger one is also Lily and she is mum to the kitten, Billy. Lily was rescued when pregnant and had been abused. Six months and she will still not allow me to touch her. baby steps, baby steps.

    Libbygood and cofrop, next step DWP form!! Waited until I had seen the Consultant but must get that sent off. Probably tell me to push off...again!

    Lily, Billy and me.

  • Hi Jane, I was told by the vet that it was some genetic throwback thingummybob. We had her mother who was normal, but she had 5 kittens and Lily and 2 others had the "extras". Must have been from the father's side, but he did a runner and she never did tell us who he was!!!!! Poor Lily (your Lily!), what a shame. Hopefully, she will learn to trust you and let you give her lots of cuddles as she needs them. Libby

  • Libby7287 Billy's dad did a runner too! I saw your post re home alone at Christmas for Lavender, I see the start of an 'alone but not desperate' club begining to form! Hoping you and Lily are keeping warm, it's freezing here.


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