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PiP - useful info for the proposed DLA reforms

Hi everyone - here is a very useful link regarding PiP and some of the myths that are doing the rounds, e.g. they are NOT removing the lower rate of the care element

I, like many others, am feeling pretty anxious about the reforms and as I suffer from severe anxiety anyway, the reforms are not helping. Does anyone know why it affects people up to 64 and pensioners won't be affected? My official retirement date is 6 September 2015 when I will be almost 63.

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Thank you libby. Call me sceptical but as this is written by the DWP 'the band played belief it if you like.' ATOS grrrrr. Libby what a pain I am 65 2 weeks after the cut off date grrrr. Let's hope some of this stuff is correct as some will be reassuring to some folks.

Hope you are ok libby.

Love C xxx

Hi cofdrop, thanks for your comment. Am ok thanks, going into hibernation mode at the moment, seem to be sleeping so much! These new reforms are worrying - am already worrying about having to go for an interview as I've only left the house twice this year. Maybe they're hoping the worry will cause some of us to pop our clogs before the time comes! Libby x


DLA as five components two mobility, three care.

PIP as four components two mobility, two care.

there is no matching benifit to the lower care as in DLA,

so people receiving lower rate care DLA will be at a disadvantage.

They will have to meet the criteria for the standard/lower rate PIP, or risk losing benifit.

Hi Stone, thanks for your comment. There will be no matching benefit as such, and it could be that some will be at a disadvantage as you say, but after reading comments from others recently, some people seem to think that because they now get the lower rate, that they will no longer be eligible at all. I have no doubt though, that genuine cases will lose out and the cheats will continue to prosper.

Hi Libby the Government excluded pensioners from PIP. It is just a cut off point. They are going after working age people because if we are not working then we are lazy scroungers etc. (not). Thats their ideology and thinking unfortunately.

You lucky you can retire at 63! I will be 65 and 3 weeks.... :)

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