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re dla and been turned down after reconsideration

when i applied in may for dla. i had not been diagnosed with emphysemia. i didnt have my wheelchair for out doors and had not been assesed for the stair lift or shower.

so im told all this would not be taken into consideration. only the info on my form would be looked at.


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Make a new claim asap

Hi there, yes now you have had a clear diagnosis you should most definitely put in a new claim. You can download and print a claim form on the direct gov site. Also make sure you make copies of every letter received by or from your G.P and or consultant. Get a letter of all conditions and diagnosis and put them in with the claim form. Let them know how your illness, condition or disability effects you on the worst days scenario. Good luck.

Absolutely yes. Good luck.

Love C XXX

Hi Ann, the DLA awards clearly state that you should advise them of any changes, either if you are getting better, or if you are getting worse. Sound like you may qualify this time! And, as cuddles64 (cute!) had said, concentrate on the worst day scenario, not on what you CAN do. Good luck! x

hi all thankyou so much for your replies. im going to make a new claim. im going to fill the form in my self and take some advice from blf. i had dail last time and to be honest i couldnt even read what they had put on the form so am sure the dla couldnt. i have rang welfare rights and they carnt see me until january

send in new form of any changes, good luck

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