How is your weekend going ?

I notice there are not so many blogs at the moment - so thought I would add this one :) Hope everyone is feeling good. x

My weekend has started very lazily - my excuses are being up late last eve watching films and today the weather is not encouraging me to get out and do the planned garden tasks. May go shopping soon if I can get motivated. Almost dark already so better decide soon ! :)

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  • now that's a productive sitting down saturday :)

  • A quiet weekend. in Herts but wet. Things are quiet with BLF but to be expected after the upset last week. These stalkers. I visited and found it interesting. Perhaps you are too young - dont need grandchildren!

  • Couldn't find that site ? yes, have one grandson who I didn't see much of until recently - he is now 8 and it is wonderful to get to know him. takes hours to get there though. Hope the rain doesn't cause problems - so many warnings from Met office as ground saturated everywhere - here the smallest downfall and have to negotiate watery roads !

  • Sorry I had the name wrong - it should be and you dont have to have grandchildren. So much going with this site.

  • found it now thanks. will explore .

  • You are right Julie the weather is atrocious. I hope everyone is keeping dry and warm.

  • I am about to watch the news followed by |SCD. We will find out how the weather is affecting everybody. I feel so sorry for those affected by the floods. Very grateful to stay in the warm.

    Years ago I would have doing shifts at the local hospital. Plus side, the shortest day isn't so far off. SCD has its irritating side.

  • now that's the optimist .... shortest day so not long before spring :) me too very grateful not to be facing floods and can stay warm and cosy with dressing gown and other layers ! look much fatter this weather ! I find layers are better and I don't feel as claustrophobic and heavy as with thick jumpers. I wonder if feeling that is a part of COPD ? some good TV recorded so will settle down and watch that before an early bed.

  • Anything that feels tight or heavy is bad for my breathing so lots of loose light weight to keep snug when there is a chill in the air, funny how we do these things without thinking really.

  • you're right - I found myself purse-lipped breathing way before I read how to do it :)

  • leaning forward resting on chair backs getting breathing back came the same way as something that came without thinking or being shown,

    it is spooky being shown things that are already part of the daily routine

  • I dont have COPD but bronchiectasis, mild, but something to think about. Thinking about returning to Weight lLoss Resources. Yes, the flooding on the news was grim for some. They do have my sympathies. I do think my computer activities keep me going. Have I mentioned Kindle Fire - like ipad only smaller but as versatile. Cheaper - in Tescos. I see Fatal Attractions is on at 11pm and have recorded it.

  • I caught up with my brother today which was nice. The place where his wife works collects toys for Dr Bernardo's at this time of year so I went toy shopping and he took them back with him (he lives near Birmingham and I am near Mansfield). Some have so much and some so little. xx

  • ah, lovely :) another fab way to spend a saturday . x

  • Hi Stitch

    Brilliant way to pass a Saturday - does the time just go somewhere else - that's what I find at my weekly 2.5 hour painting class - always does me a power of good. no focus on my breathing during the class !

    Enjoy the treadmill - I still to make room for mine !


  • rather a newbie at watercolour - just done first landscape ! first portrait last term was of my grandson who then sent me a photo of him holding my painting of him :)

  • This is interesting. I used to do a lot of w/c ;painting for years. Never did anything startling but enjoyed the relaxation and the friends. I have all the kit but found very difficult taking all the stuff on the buggy. Also extrmemly tiring.

  • Try a good beginners class - first time I put paint on my brush I held it mid air for ages feeling verrrry nervous - then it seems the brush has a mind of its own ! :)

  • night night all, happy sunday :) amazing isn't it how well we are living and what times we are having despite our illness - and sure appreciating things well too.

  • I went to the Dr this morning and this afternoon I went to the Christmas Tree Festival in our village. The idea is that local businesses, schools etc donate a decorated tree and people bid on them to buy them. All the money raised goes to local charities. I have to say it was beautiful, seeing all (poss 30 trees) the beautifully decorated and lit trees in the church with local singers singing Christmas songs and Carols. Since I've been home I've felt lousy. Tight chest, breathlessness and nausea but I've managed to hold off actually being sick.

    Hope everyone else has had a good day.

  • what a lovely christmassy Saturday. Hope you feeling better again in the morning. x

  • We had a lazy Saturday as could not be bothered to go out in the rain. A bit brighter today so may venture out soon. Still windy and cold though. Pete has his scarf at the ready as my nagging has finally gotten through to him! Stay well all and wrap up warm. Too many nasty bugs around so take care. xxxxxx

  • Great idea for a blog Julie! Rain and very high winds here so spent most of day Christmas shopping on my laptop. Ventured out late afternoon, drove to B&Q to buy paint only to find they'd sold out of the colour I wanted. However I bought a wireless doorbell for only £10 so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Then had a "£10 roast chicken dinner for 4" from M&S, great deal, lots of lovely veg. You get to buy a decent bottle of wine for £5 with it too.

    Slept badly (backache, not breathing) so got up late this morning, very windy again but brightening up so going to wrap up with scarf over mouth and try a walk on the seafront. Then cobble something together with the leftovers from yesterday's roast

    Enjoy your day everyone xxx

  • I just bought a snood online recommended on a blog ... so I will be getting some sea air too :) Bargain dinner you enjoyed . Beautiful sun here at the mo so off into garden to do a couple of long outstanding tasks - pleasant tasks :)

    have lovely walk. x

  • Glad you've had a nice weekend Julie and everyone! I saw all four Grandkids yesterday, and I've had a lazy Sunday, I was going to have a go at making Christmas cards, a month to go! :)

  • sounds perfect :)

  • well, am now feeling virtuous :) 3 hours of gardening - bit of pruning, tidying, weeding, planting, and throwing mulch over a bed of the dreaded ground elder weed. cosy eve ahead with some good TV - including Strictly results. xxx to all

  • This weekend natter is a nice thing to do - nice to keep it up. I find Sundays at this time of year depressing. Family far away but husband around.

  • yes, let's meet again this way :)

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