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Travel insurance survey

as this is an issue for many of us - thought you may like to have your say on this survey.


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Brilliant ! Thank you so much for the link julie :)

As someone who has received quotes of over £2,000 for a two week trip to visit my family in Switzerland, I think it's time we were protected from money grabbing insurance companies !

Thanks for the link Julie. x

Great link Julie, it can be very hard to get insurance when you have a lung condition and it's important that you use every forum you can to highlight the challenges of living with a lung condition.

Did you know we have a section on the website dedicated to travel including a list of insurance companies that we have checked out. blf.org.uk/Page/Travel

We also have an affinity partnership with Unique insurance, which means that if you take your insurance with them you make a donation to the BLF at the same time. Go to blf.org.uk/Page/Insurance-S... to find out more.



I don't know in what way you have "checked out" those insurance providers. Those of them which I tried in the past didn't offer anything special. I got a much better deal from John Lewis.

JL are are also very good on Buildings and Contents insurance too!!

Thanks for that link Julie - have had my say.

Dominic - not only is it hard, but it is very expensive. You may have links with an insurance company, but that does not mean they will cover us, or me in particular. Or even that it will be reasonable in cost terms. I have tried almost all the insurance companies around and one even refused to quote me for an annual policy - did ask what they knew that I didn't!

I think that if you are not on oxygen, then it may be slightly easier and/or cheaper, but I have had COPD for around 15 years (could be longer) and am on LTOT, so they are horrified when I ask for insurance despite the fact that I have never, ever been hospitalised anywhere because of it! I manage my condition well and just get so fed up and frustrated when these eejits want to discriminate heavily against me. It is discrimination of the worst kind.

Thank you for the chance to rant on here and to the tourism for all people.

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Ditto to every word you said - LTOT 7 years, two holidays abroad each year and not one problem/claim.

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Not only is it expensive but also your holiday/travel partner is not covered even by their own insurance if there is a problem caused by our COPD - eg if had to be flown back for treatment our travel partner would not be covered by either our insurance or theirs - this must potentially affect so very many people !

I looked at the Tourism For All website and it doesn't seem to me to be an organisation which can really exert any influence on anyone.

Julie and Dominic

Many thanks for the links

I get really fed up as travel insurance companies seem to think I am going to collapse as soon as I start my holiday. As it happens, I have never been sick once when on holiday. The difficult part seems to be if you have been prescribed new medication within the last six months - what difference can that make !. Anyway on my last holiday I was not covered for my COPD or Irregular Heartbeat and I enjoyed my holiday with no problems.

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Couldn't get along with the insurance survey. Some questions were totally irrelevant.

Had my say on this survey although a lot of it does not apply to those with lung conditions, like many people if you don't have a mobility scooter or prosthetics then you are not disabled! I was recommended to try Age Concern by my PR team so I did and nearly fell off the chair when they wanted £800+ to visit my son in Canada for 2 weeks. I take all my meds with me, including antibiotics and steroids and nebuliser, there is very little more a hospital could do for me so why should I pay such an extortionate amount. I have taken out insurance for my next trip with Holiday Extras, conditions all covered, 3 weeks for the princely sum of £200 and that was for both of us.

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tried with Holiday extras and they can't cover me - think it's as I need single not double cover !

Thanks for the link, just did the survey which did seem like it was aimed at physically impaired rather than illness impaired, as is the case in lung conditions. But what ever, we all need the best deal we can get for insurance no matter what the disability is and surveys help companies to be aware of our needs.

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