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IPF and excessive tirdness. Advice please

My OH has IPF but he seems to be getting more and more tired in the last 2-3 weeks. He is wanting to go back to bed in the day to sleep and falls asleep in the evening in front of the TV. He says he has no energy and is feeling more and more tired.

I am still new to this as he was only diagnosed in September and I don't know what to expect with IPF. I am getting worried about this.

Is this tirdness normal and do I need to do anything please. Am I just worrying about nothing.

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I can't speak from an IPF point of view but as I suffer from "COPD" I can honestly say tiredness is a major issue for me. I always get up from my bed feeling as though I had never been in it, yet I go to my bed not much later than 9pm and rise after 9am most days. I did mention this to my Dr who says it is part of my condition and that I pace myself so as to conserve as much energy as possible. The only other thing I would worry about is sleep apnea, If you are really worried go back to your Drs....... :)



my husband has ipf and tiredness is an all consuming thing, ipf means the lungs are unable to transfer oxygen to the rest of the body, therefore the heart and everything else has to work harder to do even the simpler tasks, the result is exhaustion,. He sits down, hes asleep, and as he sits most of the day now, hes asleep most of it. Just getting up to use his urinal makes his sats drop alarmingly, and hes on 02 24/7 at 4l. If you need a private chat feel free. xx


Hiya, My dad has IPF and amagran couldn't have said it better. As you said, its all pretty new to you both and so will take some time to get into a routine as such. What my dad found and still finds hard is if he hasn't managed to get a good night sleep then he's doubly tired the next day if you know what I mean. So what he really tries hard with is to stay awake in the day as much as possible to make him so tired at night he has to sleep.

Maybe his oxygen could be increased if he has it or if not maybe you could look at that. Just a thought as dad functions better on a higher o2 level and thankfully he is able to adjust it accordingly when needed.


Ditto all the above. My dad had IPF. We found that to keep his tiredness to a minimum we had to break every task down into stages. For example, when he got out of the bathroom he would have a lie down on his bed before he got dressed. Once he was dressed he would sit on the bed for a while before moving. And so on and so on! It makes everything very time consuming and the hardest thing for my dad was accepting that he couldn't 'just do' things as normal. Going to the loo was an exhausting business!! Eventually, Dad was basically living in one room as even using the stair lift became an impossibility. That is when all the equipment provided becomes so vital.

I would definitely agree with tanyamarie. If Dad had a 'busy' day, the next day he was out of it.

Best wishes to everyone xxx


Hi I was diagnosed in july with ipf I also get tired and fall asleep on the sofa but I don't sleep to good on a night. He just needs to get into a routine it's best to keep doing stuff it exercises your lungs. Join the pulmonry fibrosis group on Facebook there is lots of good advice on there.


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