Hello everyone

Hi everyone, I would like very much to join to you on this board. I live in Ireland and we don't have an online community like this. It's brilliant that you can talk to others who have the same condition as yourself. Unfortunately I have an autoimmune illness as well as COPD. I sometimes find it difficult to manage the two.

I'm looking forward to geting to know you all.

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  • HI copder'

    nice to have you on this site with us so welcome, and look forward to getting to know you to.

    take care

    rose xxxx

  • Hello copdber, welcome to the site. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  • Hi copder glad to 'meet' you if you've been reading through the blogs you'll find a mine of information and there's a very helpful BLF telephone line. I'm from Scotland and like yourselves do not have a community forum -must admit when I discovered all the nice people on here though I didn't look much further

  • Hello copder, welcome. I am sure you will find this site a great place to talk and find information. There are always people around to answer questions etc. Take care :0)

  • Welcome here.

    There are COPD networks in Ireland, check with BLF helpline for breathe easy groups and I believe there is a copd forum based in Ireland, but you may need to do a web search for that, or you may be able to access it through facebook.

    Either way everyone is welcome here.

    In addition you may also be able to access a dedicated autoimmune forum or group on unlocked also.

  • Welcome, there's always someone here to give advice or just listen. Hope you enjoy our site xx

  • Hello and welcome copder,

    We may not all have the same illnesses the one thing we have in common is the ability to offer help and advice that we have picked up along the way. As it's been said in the posts above there's always someone around who'll help with your queries.

    Take care



  • big welcome me in herts. good memories of hols in Ireland

  • Hi copdber. I'm glad you found us and hope we can help in some way. :)

  • Hello Copder and welcome.


  • Hi copdber, we're all here to chat and help (if we can)

    Libby x

  • Hi copdber, it does not matter where you live everyone is welcome here, the more the better.

    polly xx

  • Welcome to this lovely site, with lovely people who are always around to help, give advice and empathy to anyone struggling. Lizzie xx

  • Hello Copder

    Welcome to the forum. xx

  • HI and welcome Copdber, the more the merrier !

    My late husband came from Ireland i,m here in Devon.

    You will find everyone here a cheery lot........Ivyleaf x

  • Welcome, this is a very friendly and informative site x

  • A big thank you to you all, you've made me feel so welcome.

  • A big welcome copder I have been a couple of times to Ireland and have many a found memory of your green and musical land - and you will find this site informative and friendly too.

  • Thank you blackbird. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday visits to Ireland. This year we stayed in Ireland to holiday and spent some time in Killarney apart from our very mixed up weather we had a great time.

  • Welcome - you will come to love this site, lots of warm and friendly people and great advise. Maureen usa

  • Hi copdber, good to have you on this site. Just wondering which auto immune disease you have. I care for my hubby Pete and he has sarcoidosis and copd and it is not always easy to manage the two but we do ok. You will love being on here so hope to hear from you soon. xxx

  • Hi copder sorry missed your post earlier, welcome fro another Irish sufferer, yes Im Irish too, delighted have you aboard,lovely bunch here xxxx

  • Maureen thank you for the welcome are you from the USA.

    Sassy I have lupus sorry to hear your hubby also has an autoimmune disease.

    Bonnyirish, thanks for the welcome I'm so glad I found this site.

  • Yes i am from the u.s.a. and find this blog better then any i've seen so far.

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