Halloween washout!

Halloween was wet and windy so we did not bother decorating outside and just had two lots of trick or treaters round. We had sweets at the ready and the kids were great. Still, we have Bonfire night next (did I say night? I meant month!) I do not like fireworks but we celebrate the 5th November as it is our daughter's birthday. Oh, I nearly forgot! We have been married 39 years on Saturday and are going out for a nice meal. Fingers crossed Pete stays well for that! Wrap up warm everyone. xxxx

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  • It was horrid I only did a bit on the inside to not worth the mither when so cold and wet xx

  • i never do anything its aways to cold for me xx

  • I think the machine gun mounted in the bedroom window put them off calling here...

    We were all out, wife would have gone to work about 5 and I got back at going up to 9. Normally the step-daughter would have been in, but she escaped to avoid having to answer the door.

    I had a 'please do not knock' pumpkin notice ready, and forgot to put it up at the door.

  • Hey Sassy. Happy anniversary for Sunday. It's a lot of years!

    Lynne x

  • Thanks Lynne, it certainly is a lot of years but I am sure some on here have been married even longer. Hope you are well. xx

  • We still had the kids come in droves! Happy Anniversary Sassy!

    Gordon you are so funny!

  • Thanks Mocarey and hope you were ready for all the kids. Gordon is always funny! and long may he stay that way. xx

  • funny how things were different in different areas. dad had to go back out for more sweets early evening because they had loads of kids round knocking on their door, we live 12 miles away and didnt get a single knock but our area has predominantly old folk so i wasnt suprised really.

    Happy Anniversary Sassy!!

    We're not doing anything for bonfire night. i have rabbits, guinea pigs and a dog and the fireworks upset them all so we dont have them. also, as expensive as they are I begrudge buying them, i wouldnt just take a big wad of cash and set fire to it so dont really get the whole fireworks thing. not so bad if you're going to a display - safer too!

  • Thanks for the Anniversary wishes bustermolly, much appreciated. I am with you on the fireworks thing but Pete enjoys them and our sons do the lighting. We have always done them because of our daughter being born on the 5th but not sure what our grandson will think of all the noise as he is only 4 months old. He can be indoors with me! We have a cat who is not fond of the noise so I can keep an eye on her too. I just wish it did not go on for weeks and weeks really. Take care and be safe everyone. xxx

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! hope you have a lovely day together :) x

  • Thank you very much, we will. xxxx

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