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Get up and go day

Had two 'get and go days' on the run, I've cleaned and I've cleaned and I've cleaned and today was one of those 'open all your windows days', so opened all the upstairs windows, duvets folded back, pillows by the fresh air, reckon I've killed off a few million dust mites.

Tomorrow I shall probably do nothing, but a neighbour has lent me some really good books, but got to make the most of these good days.

Hope everyone is OK, and Lizzie and Rose are keeping the dragon away.

Oops I can see a cobweb - must go !

Libby x

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Well done Libby, but don't overdo it. When you have finished, if you still feel the urge, I have a house here in need of some attention.....?

Lynne xx


Hi libby,

good for you i wish i could have more get and go days, and thanks for thinking of me,

but i'm still fighting that dragon but i'll get him back in his cave one day i'm sure,

rose xxx


i imagine that you are younger than me by a good few years, so enjoy activity, libby. So satisfying to enjoy busy, busy, pottering. Nothing more satisfying, believe me. But be prepared to slow up - body's way of telling you enough is enough


Your on a mission libby good for you its good to make the most of good days.


since moving to my new home last week myself and my new partner have taken up evening walks hard but the furthest is 7 mile round trip however did suffer when we got home I had nose bleeds and dizzyness and on top of that I have a flu bug but hey ho we get thru take the good days when they come


your mail made me smile good for you one day at a time for us hugs jude aka banner


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