Stubbord Blockages in Airways/ Scary - help

I am a severe COPD sufferer and since I have had a recent chest infecttion it has left me with severe blockages in some of my airways, nearly always left hand side ?? , I have tried steam, sipping water and then finally the flutter, but it is really hard to move and sometimes I get so lightheaded and scared I think I am going to stop breathing, please help if you can x

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  • If it's bad call 999, if you're 'not sure' call NHS Direct or your GP's out of hours service. If you can cope with it and just need advice then it'll be Monday before the BLF Helpline opens for a chat.

    Try and get a GP appointment ASAP to get it sorted out for you. I've no idea what is causing this problem and you obviously need some medical help.

  • Good advice as always.

    Lynne x

  • I also had the feeling of a blockage in my throat. Tests showed i had severe reflux which leaves a lump sensation in my throat, sleeping propped up can help too. And yes it does go away with treatment. Ask your doc or nurse practitioner about this.

  • Same advice as Gordon not trying to guess what it is get a doctor if you feel bad getting it checked in Accident and Emergency if it keeps you safe.

    Always the weekend when things like this happen learning from this experience will help you manage your health.

  • Even at the weekend, specialist help is available. Doctor's are on call, A&E are usually open and NHS Direct are at the end of a phone.

    Despite the severity of the blockages, please avoid Dynorod... ;-)

  • brilliant-humour is the best medicine.

  • Thank you all for your kind response, it just feels like I need dynarod though, especially in my upper chest regoin, that or calgon anyway x

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