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Site trouble

Has anyone else had trouble getting onto the site, had to reset my password and I couldn't remember it, use so many had to go through them all. Hope everyone is OK and those giving up ciggies are perservering. Still sunny here in Shropshire but very cold north wind. The autumn leaves are looking beautiful in the sunshine and an extra hour in bed tomorrow.

Libby x

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I have had to do the same Libby. I think it must be to do with the message that was on before about 'improving the site'.

We live on the Shropshire border with South Staffs and it has been bitterly cold and windy, but the sun has been lovely.

Spent about 3 hours at the allotment digging and weeding.

Lynne x


i had the same problem....,will try to remember pw now. it is lovely and sunny in Somerset,,but too cold to venture out,..but glad its brighter again, the sunset was fantastic last night.


I've only just got on. Perhaps it all happened earlier as I have no problem.


access to the site seems to be different to usual today, maybe its because its weekend (smiles)


Many websites use 'cookies' to store your personal data, such as your password. You can sometimes clear your own settings as part of a routine clean-up, like 'clear cache' in your browser. This will reset your own login and will require your password again.

Also, the site designers can change the way the site works, which changes the cookie the site reads when you load it up - this can also result in you losing your automatic login on your next visit. Or, as seems to have happened, a part of the cookie has been changed by developments they've made and that's caused a corruption of the data it stores.

Something on the site changed overnight as the message has stopped appearing so my guess is that's it's affected some users and they'll need to log in again.


I had the same about my password.Couldnt remember mine either.Glad I am not the only one with memory problems


the memory thing iis realy an age thing i always say..mines terrible--...and my spellings worse .kath.


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