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Lovely people!

Good Morning to you all! This is my first blog although I often comment! I am a carer for my husband who has severe/moderate COPD (depending on day, weather, temperature etc. etc.) I often come onto this site and am always touched by the kindness of you all. Lung conditions can be so awful and I have often felt isolated, particularly when he was first diagnosed and I think this blog offers a lifeline. SO thank you to you all!

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Good morning, what a lovely first blog.

I agree with you, people on here are so kind and go out of their way to offer good advice or even just hugs when others are feeling down.

Coming on here is one of the best things I have ever done.

polly xx

Good morning Tad and Polly.

Best wishes Libby.

Morning to you all. It is a great site with lots of support.

Lynne x

There are some lovely people on here and also at the BLF to keep you going when all else looks grim. Have you got family around you to support you too, I hope so.x

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Gordon57 in reply to lizziec1

I only sound lovely I'm afraid, you should see me without my makeup on... :O

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lizziec1 in reply to Gordon57

ha ha xx

there should be one of those notices, you don't have to be crazy to come here, but it helps, I get a giggle on here daily, perks me up no end. xx

Hi Tadaw lovely first blog. I too tend to just reply rather than blog. The people on here are a real tonic xx

Hi i must agree with what you say about the people on this site.its great if your worried or feeling down they all do there best to help and cheer you up.i was a carer for years to my husband.until i lost him over 8yrs i do know what its like be a full time carer

but unfortunately i have c o p d myself take care of yourself also..kath x

I so agree, as a carer this blog is a real lifline and I no longer feel isolated either. Things are not too bad when Pete is doing ok but when he has a bad chest and his breathing is awful, I get so scared so coming on here has been brilliant. Everyone is kind, friendly, humerous and informative so what more could anyone want?! Take care one and all and breathe easy. xxxx

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