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Bad cold has left me totally exhausted

Sorry if this is a bit of a moan. I have been overworked for months and my consultant gave me extra antibiotics as I was starting an exacerbation in September. I felt a little better. My daughter then very kindly passed on her cold and it has knocked me for 6. I was in London for 3 days running last week which was not good but ..... Have been in bed all this week. Have by some miracle managed to get a GP appointment for today! Not helped by worry as my very independent mother has broken her right arm and my great niece (16 months) is in hospital very poorly. Luckily my sister has gone to Lancashire to help and then both my daughters are going up at the weekend.

For once work are being good although apparently I have hundreds of unread emails. My secretary said she would tell everyone I was ill.

Have to say my bed is lovely and not yet bored by daytime tv.


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Hi Judith, me thinks you are in the best place, get your self well then you can help everybody else.

Get well soon.


Wishing you well Judith,

Take care


Get well soon Judith. x

get well soon xx

Thanks to all of you for your messages. My sister has just rung me to say my mother's arm is very badly broken and they will decide next Thursday if she needs an op. not good at 86! She lives by herself in a large house. I can't go until the evening of 26th, one of my daughters has said she can help for a few days. My sister has decided that she will delay moving to Singapore which is good. Worry not making me better.


Oh dear, Judith, you are having a rotten time of it recently and I'm sorry to hear about your mum and your great niece. I hope things turn out well for them and for you. Whatever happens, don't worry about work.......... that should be the last thing on your mind :)

Thanks. Unfortunately I am the only solicitor who does litigation so I am having to answer phone queries from my secretary. May be this will make them realise I need help. There used to be 3 of us doing it.


You are having such a stressful time! Hope that you are able to languish in bed and recover before returning to your hectic schedule! Hope that your mother does not need surgery - thank goodness your sister has delayed her move and your daughters are being really helpful. Wonder if you could get help and social services could visit your mum even if it was once a day to check she was ok? Take care and hope you start to feel better. TAD xx

I am going back to work on Monday. The secretaries have told my manager that they could see me getting worse and worse and I need another litigation lawyer! My voice goes when my chest is bad - we all have our little warning signs.

My mother had an assessment last Tuesday and has carers going in morning and night. She had to pay from tomorrow. My elder daughter is a trainee social worker and has been a community care officer for several years. She deals with elderly people all the time.

I'll know exactly what the situation is when both daughters have seen her. The other daughter is a student nurse!


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