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Oxygen & Tubing

Hi there, I thought I would write this blog, on how I learnt to cope with Oxygen & Tubing, and to give you tips on how to manage, especially with the Tubing around the home.

Firstly the Health Care Professionals advised me what to do, explained about the oxygen flow, and how I should use the Nasal Cannula or Mask.

Secondly the Oxygen Company came to see me re fitting in the concentrator.

Thirdly the fire Brigade sent one of their men, to make clear to me all the Health and Safety issues

Then I was on my own, which was a bit worrying and frustrating, here are a few tips of how I managed, it is just a case of adjusting your life around the Oxygen & Tubing.

I must say, once I got settled in with the oxygen, it made me feel so much better, giving me that extra boost to pick up my life again, here are a few ideas you might find useful.

In putting on the Nasal Cannula or Mask and tucking it around my ears the weight of the tubing and the ‘Fire Break’ (the pure white circle with arrows, just below the cannula) seemed to pull me down, and it hurt my ears and there was Tubing everywhere.

Should you feel, you need support for your ears, it is possible to get foam ear backs from you oxygen supplier.

I found you have to take care when doing everyday jobs, the Tubing will always be in the way, bending down looking in a drawer or over the sink/washbasin it gets caught everywhere.

I had such a shock when I first went to the bathroom, whether I was standing or sitting, the Tubing was between my legs, so I found if I tucked the Tubing into my pocket/waist band, and then put the rest of the Tubing behind or at the side of me it was much easier.

Same for the kitchen, Tubing into pocket/waistband, works wonders, then I throw the rest of the Tubing behind onto the floor, which allowed me to wonder around, doing whatever I wished, the flexibility was/is Fab.

This is important and helpful, when sitting doing everyday jobs, I would place the tubing across my lap, and tuck it into my jumper by wrapping the bottom of the jumper over the Tubing, this stopped the Tubing slipping off my lap, and pulling on my ears, then I placed the rest on the floor as far away from me as possible, so it wouldn’t be under the chair leg or my foot when I stood up. Hoorah sorted!


The white circle with arrows the Fire Break is there for your safety, if there’s a fire in your home, it will stop at the Fire Break

The filter at the back of the concentrator needs changing and washing every week, for clean air.

I have no doubt by now you will have found your way around with the Tubing & Oxygen and are feeling physically and emotionally better, our life’s are back on track!


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thanks for the tips will try them out was told if you wipe pipes with hot cloth they will straten out l do this once a week


I've recently started on oxygen so your tips will be handy.


Hi I wish you all the best, life does get easier once you get use to using the oxygen and cope with the tubing. life's back on track.


I do find it a bit annoying at the moment. Just nipping to the loo or something seems to take a lot of work.


I found that the canala tubing hurt my ears and was awkward as I also wear glasses so instead of looplng it over my ears I put the loop over my head and tighten the little slider so that I drag the tubing along behind me, I also have it like this in bed so that it doesn''t come off as I found it had a tendancy to do. Of course I have to put up with it at the front when I am out and about with my tank


Not sure how you mean caroleoctober


Hello wheezieannie .

I tried to understand caroleoctober 's answer too but I am not quite sure what she means. This post was written five years ago, but I do hope you get a reply. Take care.

Cas xx 🙋


I will try to explain again. The main oxygen tubing divides into two which then forms a loop with nasal parts halfway round and a small plastic part that slides up and down. I put my head through the loop and the 'prongs' in my nostrils. The slider is now at the back, pull this up until the cannula is as tight as you need it. Hope this explains it better. Keep smiling

Carole x

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I got it! That means the tubing is behind rather than in front. 😊

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