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Another Chest infection arrghhh

Back to square one back on rescue meds increasing neb use and tomorrow having to go for a lung Endoscope which am Really Dreading..

bit low this morning and got little one off school poorly with a bug :-(

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So Sorry to learn things are not going too well for you Ali.I can,t imagine how unpleasant an endoscope is.I hope everything goes well for you & the little un gets over his/her bug.Best wishes xx

Thanks lovey and I guess it is expected all the bugs flying around that I was going to end up ill again arrghh little one has an ear infection and she has had me up most of the night so pretty miserable in my house this morning.. She's is asleep for the min phhewww so having a coffee and a min before I take my meds and feel then as sick as a dog all day..


oh bless you, not nice when all poorley try and get some rest and keep warm its pretty chilly out there


It is cold this morning brrrr

Aww thank you !!

Have a Great day xxx

Hi Ali, Sorry you are not feeling good just now and to have a poorly child as well must be readly hard.

I have been for several endoscope's although nervous It has never been a traumatic experience, I have never had any pain or any problems afterwards.

Hope it goes the same for you, and your little one and you are feeling a bit better tomorrow.


Get well soon. x

Hope you are feeling better soon Ali and hope the Endoscope goes ok for you tomorrow too with positive outcome.

Have a restful day.

I had a lung endoscope once wasn't too bad at all, but still Ali not something to look forward to, hope all is well. Can't imagine how you cope with a poorly child and all your problems, take care.

Libby x

I think I may have lost a reply somewhere ohh eck I sent one can't see it :-/ haha

Thanks Everyone little one snuggled on the settee still sleeping bless her, woke had some calpol tiny bit of toast and nodded off again...

Tomorrow I dare not think about ... being a mard .......... haha


It's not too bad Ali, try not to worry. I had pipes down into my lungs and barium poured in when I was 23, not painful at all, does not last long. I was more interested in what they could do to help me and condition of my lung... well, they helped me a lot and they will help you too.

just think about seeing your little one after !

su x

I know it is just me It is something I have always shuddered when you see it on tv etc

Like I said am being mard :-)

Aww Hope you are now ok su ?


Hi Ali,

I'm sorry to hear you're suffering again.

Hopefully the endoscope although uncomfortable will be over in a jiffy, and bring a positive outcome for you.

No doubt some different meds for you as well, then you can start to get back to feeling better again & caring of your little one.

Best of luck Ali, try not to worry too much about it all.

Take care

Dave xxx

It has just been a bit of a week and feeling a little drained be ok and thanks :-)

Stay warm and well xxx

Hi Ali hope you will both be feeling better soon. Post when you can and let us know how the endoscope goes. Think of something nice and it'll soon be over x

Can not go today for the camera,

sats are all over the place this morning and still have a high temp feeling really awful,

Had a bit of sleep but I know if exacerbated and heart rates up they won't do it so re appointing to give me time for the steroid and antibiotics to kick in..

I am getting like this now every 2 - 3 weeks.. I no sooner get over respiratory failure,

bang after a couple of weeks back to square one.. :-/

I am a bit relieved not going if honest was not looking forward to it...

At the same time if cannot control this quick will be back in hospital which I can do without,

It is getting more and more difficult for people to keep dropping everything to have my kids when I get rushed in :-/ That's a worry..

Then whilst in loads of arterial blood gas tests ouch etc etc


My husband had this done in hospital and said he did not feel a thing, they gave him an injection to relax him and he fell asleep.

Good luck.

Get well soon Ali and little un too of course. The endoscopy will be fine going by what sweetthing has replied. Take care and good luck. xx

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