strange experance

Iwas referd on the advice of my consultant to a COPD rehab group called DMC Healthcare in Dartford on Monday this week.when i eventualy found them there was only two people there.

One women seemed to be in charge and i was interviewed bye Her the other girl was a physiotherapist in this big hall with no equipment in she took my blood oxygen level on a hand held meter which did not work properly.

I had to walk round two chairs on each end of the hall for 6 mins and she took another reading and said thats it we will be in touch goodbye?

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  • Heavens bobf you sound like me, too bewildered to ask questions. I would ask your consultant what the purpose was of sending you there rather than waiting for them "getting in touch" you could be worrying for a while for no reason.

  • I looked them up - DMC Healthcare seem to be a group of GP practices, not a specialist rehab group. The guess is that your GP thought they would, be able to give you an assessment? I'd ask questions and find out just what it was supposed to be about.

  • Ah - this may explain more:

  • Sounds like a very poorly conducted 6 minute walk test.

  • Hi Bobf

    This souinds like it was some sort of assessment before the PR appointment is offered.

    You can contact them about your concerns by accessing their website -

    Please let us know how you get on.



  • I'm not sure about this PR, alot of bad experiences seem to be happening. I couldn't cope with your experience Bobf nor poor Richards, think I will give it a miss.

  • Don't let others' bad experiences put you off. Even if the PR is not a 100% positive experience you learn so much that will help you keep well.

  • How would someone with an oxygen bottle (like me) walk round to spaced out chairs for the 6 minute walk test.

  • Libby if the test is conducted properly, you will only be allowed to do as much as you are able, Richard only managed 2 mins, his sats were down to 81 and the nurse stopped the test, it was a flat corridor walking between two bollards. Pr would be a good thing was it not for the time and travel involved with ambulatory oxygen, had it been held in a hospital with oxygen there, he would have been fine. He got his discharge letter this morning and the pr leader agreed that circumstances were against him. He has however got his charts and home exercise and should therefore still get something from it. It's all to try for and given the opportunity you must go for it. xx

  • Sorry, I will change the final sentence from you must go for it, to you should go for it, don't ant to sound bossy. xx

  • Libby I have oxygen. They provided a big cylinder for me to use with a long enough tube to walk between the two chairs and monitored my saturation levels. I managed about 3 mins in total, but rested by sitting on one of the chairs inbetween. You go at your own pace, stop as often as you need to and finish when you have had enough. It should really be called an assessment rather than a "test". Then they record how far (not for how long) you walked. It is done so that when you finish the PR they can do it again and see how much you have improved. I am proud to say my improvement was 87%!! xx

  • I did it you just take you're time and stop when you need to, preferably by one of the chairs so you can lean to get your breath back. Go for it I did all the exercises with my oxygen tank and you can stop whenever you need to. The benefits outway the drawbacks and you learn so much. Carole

  • Thankyou for the encouragement and advice

    Libby x

  • Hi bobi,

    seems as tho you were just doing an assessment, they always do this before you start a course. You should have received a letter telling you this and asked for it by the respitory nurse who would have been assessing you with the physio. still if you are happy and are offered a place on a course, i would grab it, as it really does have good results,./ good luck, Janie xx

  • thanks i have an appointment for the course starting on the 22/10/12 so i will look forward to that.

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