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Hi all,

I am new here and have learnt a lot so thank you.

I was diagnosed with copd at the age of 37, i also have bronchisis if spelt correctly? At the moment i have 3 inhalers and am on antibiotics for life to prevent infections. i have lost so much weight am now at 7.5 stones, i am worried, got a appointment with my copd nurse on the 15th October, sorry not great a writing, but want to say thanks to this great forum.

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Don't worry about spelling or not writing a lot. If it helps, give one of the team a call on the BLF helpline, they can talk you through many things and can also send out an info pack. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm on 03000 030 555. They can also tell you about Breathe Easy, local self-help groups with people like yourself.

Lots of info here in the forum, but feel free to ask if you need to know anything.

Thank you Gordon 57, i can't explain how i feel, i feel so low, i am shivering here as i write this, numbness and breath lessness, just trying to get to 15th so i can get some answers from my copd nurse.

The helpline have specialist nurses, they can talk to you about this. Please, give them a call, they usually take a few details and call you back.

Thank you again Gordon57, i will call them when i get confidence, at this moment i feel like a nervous wreak, so tired but can't sleep.

Hi, like you i have COPD and i am on three inhalers and visit the nurse every couple of months and at times feel down but am the oposite to you i have put on weight because i stopped smoking.

Remember you are not on your own with COPD there are lots of us just in England just a message away best wishes


Hi There radiomann

I am sorry to read your are feeling poorly at the moment - i'm also glad your finding the forum helpful and supportive.

As Gordon57 has said please don't worry about the spelling - just write what you feel and think.

We have nurses here today who can speak to you about what you're experiencing, chatting to us can also help to determine what questions to ask your COPD nurse at your appointment.

Our helpline number again is 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes


Hi Radiomann you are so very young to be experiencing this illness. I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago with copd but didn't take it seriously enough. I am glad you have joined the forum it will help you a lot. My normal weight is between 9 and 9.1/2 stones and it took a nosedive to 7stones recently - I told the doctor due mainly to the comments of my family and was extremely anxious for three weeks awaiting a chest xray result which showed the start of emphysema and not thankfully the horror result I was expecting. The doctor advised the chest Xray told me the result and the only comment on my weight loss was that I had not lost any more weight. I think and hope that when the anxiety stops for you that you will gain some weight - I have -and that you get the treatment and answers you need.

I am on non addictive one a day (for sleep) anti-anxiety and antidepressant combined-dosolphine (not sure of spelling). We are all at different stages but as you say it is a great forum.

Best Wishes

Hi Radiomann, I hope this will come as some comfort, a lad I once knew had bronchitis, he developed his condition at the age of 17, he is now 48, now I know he might not have the same complications that you have, but hang on in there your life has not ended but the way you live it has, so just go and live it the best way you can, the copd info site is also world wide, in America they put you into one of two groups either you are a pink puffer or a blue bloater !!!

Take it easy


Thank you to everyone who has commented, today is not such a bad day, breathing is not great but i cope with it and adjust, i get a lot of back pain from the lungs i guess and chest pain as i also have borderline heart failure, not good at 43 lol But i am thankful i have people in similar situations to talk too so thank you all.

Not just people in similar situations, but people on the helpline who know a lot about our conditions and can give some great advice. Give them a call, they'll call you back.

Do you have Broncheictasis or Bronchitis? I wasn't quite sure. Broncheitectasis is COPD, Bronchitis is not. Either way I hope things settle down for you.

bronchitis IS fact chronic bronchitis and emphysema are the main disorders that most definitions of COPD include, even GOLD.

My spelling is appalling it's Bronchiectasis not the way I spelled it before. I should proof read before I hit reply.

I agree CHRONIC bronchitis is COPD.

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