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Any folk ot there use a portable or larger home Nebuliser ?, and do they help?,

cos three times I have fineshed up in Hospital on one when breathing got very difficult for no apparent reasen , - presumably one has to get the chemical from the Doc as a prescription .The Internet seems to say they really ar'nt much better than an Inhaler, only difference is they FORCE the chemical down, rather you having to Breath it in, with whatever Puff you have left ! - its all getting rather confusing !! - Advice please ....

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A nebuliser is a way of producing a mist of a drug or medicine to be breathed in to work in the lungs. There are some drugs for some infections that must be nebulised but this is not common. In hospital nebulisers are used to deliver ordinary airway opening drugs because it is safe, easy to use by busy nurses and does not require much supervision.

A nebuliser is not the only way though to deliver a high dose of a relieving drug to be breathed in. Taking several doses of reliever medicine from an inhaler through a “spacer” (such as Salbutamol taken from an inhaler through an aerochamber) can be just as effective as a nebuliser. Inhalers (with a spacer) are certainly easier and more readily available to individuals both at home and when out and about. Therefore nebulisers are really not always necessary.

I hope this helps

If you would like to speak to us please call our Helpline on 03000 030 55

Best Wishes



Hi Vittorio

Please feel free to ring the helpline. Nebulisers tend to use much higher doses of drugs than administering the medicines via a spacer so I would always advise getting your inhaler technique checked and establishing that your current condition hasn't changed first. The number of the helpline is 03000 030 555





I have a home neb which on the whole works, using 2.5ml salbutamol and 500 mg ipatropium ( Atravent)

Although sometimes need oxygen as it seems to do nothing but that's when I'm heading for respiratory failure :-(

Tc Ali x


I have an Omron comp air pro nebuliser, I find it works really well, it's nice and neat and not to noisey. It cost about £50 from Amazon.


I use a nebuliser twice a day for both salbutamol and colomycin. Your doctor will tell you if you need a nebuliser and the type to get depends on the drugs you are prescribed. Judith


i have a home nebuliser and if it wasnt for my machine i would have been hospitalised loads of times.if my nebuliser doesnt work i know im in for a bad one and will probably be in hospital.It happened to me on sunday morning and i got admitted to hospital,so i couldnt be without my nebuliser



meant to say i use 5mg salbutamol and sometimes i have to use 2 capsules


I have both a home nebuliser and also a portable which I take out with me just in case I get caught out. I found Evergreen in the internet but they told me I must speak with the G.P. first as nebs are not suitable for everybody. Thankfully my doctor thought it could help keep me out of hospital so I got the go ahead. I don't know how I managed before but check with your doctor before buying.


Hi Vittorio

I would think it would depend on what lung disease you are suffering from and what drugs you would be taking.

Are you using an inhaler? As you have ended up in hospital 3 times due to shorness of breath, it does sound as if your medication needs to be reviewed by your doc or consultant. Using a spacer is much better as you receive much more of the drug as less is lingering on your tongue and mouth in general. I am hoping medics took the time to show you how to use the inhalers correctly.

Re nebulisers your consultant would be the one to decide if one would be beneficial for you. I have bronchiectasis and asthma and my nebuliser is invaluable for administering airway opening drug (bronchodilator) and saline (which is brilliant at loosening the oodles of gunk I have to get rid of). I use an inhaler occasionally and use a steroid inhaler (ciclisonide) through a spacer daily.

The prescriptions you get from your GP.

You might want to speak to your doc and/or nurses at BLF or resp nurses at docs, as they will know your condition and it may well be inhalers with a spacer will be adequate. No way of us saying with any certainty. You need reviewing - and please tell them you find it confusing and ask them to explain things fully to you.

Good luck and here's to better breathing.



I am on symbicort but use a nebuliser every other day with only saline and sea salt with no side effects. The medicine i had been given for my nebuliser gave me back aches, so i stopped a long time ago and feel great with just the saline and sea salt. My doctor said this was fine.


I have a nebulser

and use it with prescribed medication.

My question is .. What sea salt / saline quantity should I use in the nebuliser for optimum benefit ?

Copd sufferer and ex smoker ( Leslie


The nebulizer is way, way better way for me to use Albuterol than a inhaler with a spacer. Unless I am in really bad shape, the nebulizer significantly reduces breathlessness. In the hospital when they give me a nebulizer treatment in conjunction with oxygen at a higher power than at home, my oxygen level increases.


...Thanks Folks ! - I did ask my Doc And Consultant about getting a Home Nebuliser, Both said a Nebuliser was not for me, with my copd "History" when breathing gets very difficult for no apparent reason resulting in a Hospital admission as "Other things may be happening to cause this unexplained severe breathing difficulties , and if I was at home on a Nebuliser , I would be ( in my ignorance ) ! unaware of the other factors playing a part in this episodes ....which need closer examination in Hospital - got a point !! .....


Nebuliser does help I've used inhalers never done nothing for me but nebuliser does help ease symptoms you can buy one brand new on ebay for £30


Yes they defiantly help inhalers do absolute nothing for me since using nebuliser not been back in hospital you get the refills off your doctor you can buy a brand new nebuliser on ebay for £30 you get mask mouthpiece everything you need for it hope this helps you will feel a big difference with one


I've got both and can't manage without


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