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hurts like hell

not my lungs . I am waiting for the vet to telephone me with the results of my beloved cats bloods. had to take him to vets yesterday, after vet had a look he said "I am looking at a dying cat" thought my heart was going to guilty that I didnt take him earlier.I telephoned today and insisted that if he has to go to sleep I want to hold him in my arms. I am just heartbroken. I realise folks, this is not the lose of a partner,and I apologise and mean no disrespect so please forgive me if I have offended anyone.


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Your cat is family, my heart is breaking for you, I know how much I love my boys I'd be devastated to lose either of them. Sending you love at this difficult time xxxxxxx


Hope all's well with your beloved pet - I understand totally where you are coming from, I lost my 2 beloved shelties to cancer it's heartbreaking as our animals give us 100% unconditional love, always there to share, listen and help us through our troubles. Thinking of you both.




Of course you are devistated, we love our animals like family. No apologies needed.

I have a 13 year old yorky cross who has congenital heart failure, today is not a good day for him so will have to see what tomorrow brings. We go to look at him every morning wondering if this will be the day. Its heartbreaking.

I hope your news is good.



So very sorry Nellie. My son's cat Mia who was fourteen years old and pretty as her name became very ill 2 years ago. She was in my care while he was on holiday so I understand what you are terming as guilt as I kept her at home a week longer than I should have until he came home. Try to tell myself still that they needed to see each other. It will be really hard for you if the news is bad. Hold his head if you can, its to my regret that when the time came I couldn't stay with her.


Oh Nellie my heart goes out to you as I have been in that situation many times, I have found it comforting to hold them as it happens. We take them into our lives and love them, they give us so much back and the payment for us is the pain we feel when they leave us. You are in my thoughts, take care. xx


Nellie my heart goes out to you and your darling companion cat. They are so much of our lives they feel like we lose a best friend .

take care



that's it .my bonny boy is away. and yes i held him .I thanked him for the joy and was accepting of the sorrow. my eldest daughter was there. she said the greatest act of loving kindness i could do for him was to let him go. I held him cupped his face in my hands and stroked his closed eyes gently with my thumbs.he loved that .tonight had a wonderful vet which made a differencthank you all for your kindness.I am going to miss him so much


Aw nellie thats beautiful. You are making me cry. xxxx


i wish i had been that brave when my gizzy was put to sleep.

he was 15 yrs old and on i noticed something was wrong, told my partner i thought he couldn't see and then noticed he was dragging his back legs,

He had had a stoke ( didn't occur to me cats could have them).

My partner is a former farmer so in my eyes he would be stronger than me if the vet said that's it, i was so wrong, he cried all afternoon saying he felt terrible about what he had done.

i got gizz because i stopped someone throwing him into the river, he was a little git, bad tempered and stroppy but i loved him to bits.

that was 2 1/2 years ago and i wasn't going to get another cat - i now have 3 kittens, pepsi is 9 months old and the complete opposite of gizz, hes so loving and cuddly, and missy and cuckoo ( all named by my 3 year old granddaughter, she says they are HER cats, told her if they are she must wipe their bum when they go for a poo and so she chases them round the flat with a bit of loo roll when they use the litter tray!! LOL) they are 3 months old brother and sister, both a couple of loonies, cuckoo is very cuddly but missy is so stroppy.

but i love all 3 to bits already xxx


You poor thing I had to get my cat put to sleep he was 17 but it was the kindest thing to do. I held him and said good bye. I was comforted by the happy memories I had of him . I have had to do it with a cairn terrier age 11 a black labrador age 14 and another cat age about 14 so do know how you feel. I can not have animals now as I now live in a flat it is easier for me, but I do miss having a cat or dog. Take care. x


Nellie my heart goes out to you got tears in my eyes just writing this - being an animal lover and working in animal rescue there have always been a cat or two in the family - but unfortunatley like us humans they get sick and ill and the kindest and brave thing to is to put them to sleep and hold them. But it never gets any easier after I am always in pieces and don't feel very brave - It hurts and you miss them terribly - I feel comforted by thinking they are no longer in pain and by the memories of a life shared together. Take carex


So sorry nellie. One of my cats died aged 9 and I delayed taking her to vets because I was busy. Another one I should have taken to vets to be put down sooner. I still suffer massive guilt trips. You are not alone. I console myself with they loved me and they certainly knew I loved them and that they have forgiven me. I look forward to seeing them in the afterlife (more than most people).

I loved my cats and I understand completely how you are feeling. I cried buckets when they died.

A pet lives with you and is such an integral part of your life that it is agony to lose one but try to remember you gave your pet such a good life with lots of love, and what pet asks for more?

I have a 16 years old cat now and I have definately learned from the loss of my other 2.

Any ailments and he is straight down the vets (not easy as he hates cat basket and caterwauls all the way.)

Bev xx


My heart goes out to you Nellie and don't feel guilty about not taking your cat to the vets sooner. We all leave things for various reasons. Our cat hates going to the vet and she is 14 years old. I cannot bear to think of losing her. Stay strong and I hope all will be well. Thinking of you and your beloved cat. xxxxx


The pain still hurts, Nellie, even if it's an animal. I don't think 'Love' distinguishes between human and animal. Love is Love! I know how I felt when I 've lost a much loved dog - it's a real physical pain. The loss of any animal leaves a huge gap - I 've grieved for all my animals from the hamsters and guniea pigs to my Jack Russells and German Shepherds. Each had its own personality and cheek! Try not to blame yourself - it's not your fault. What do 'they ' say about the benefit of hind sight? I am thinking of you, don't excuse yourself for grieving x x x


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