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Do I or Dont I?

I went to the Dentist yesterday to tell them my filling had come out and could they please put me a temporary one back in till i could get a proper app. Oh we can see to you now says the nice lady at the front desk, just pop upstairs (I am using a walking stick for balance) and wait in the waiting room. So I did. Kept my head down cos I could feel the beads of sweat popping up on my forhead. Then its my turn, omg omg!!! I lie on the dentist chair, grunting in pain as I feel another spasm in my back an leg getting ready to kick in, no pun intended folks hehe. The Dentist got stuck in so to speak, needle was the size of which im sure i've never seen before. While i'm sat left to numb up she has a go at me cos i've not been for a year. I explain i've been ill a lot and that it had been explained everytime I rang reception. There was a grunt then an ok before she got stuck into me cakehole again. Ok it's done!! I struggle like an upside down turtle to get up and manage to stand n sway on my feet once more. Again comes the lecture we all get. By now I feel weepy and very very angry. My sister is terminal in hospital and I have held back on the weeping and now this needle wielding person has the audacity to have a go. I walk with some dignity (really more like a weeble) out of the room and back down to reception where I hand over £48 for said filling. Only to discover at home when the numbness had worn off that the dozy mare had filled the WRONG tooth!!! Now what?? My tongue won't stop having a lil ol poke at the cavity just to be sure its there. Any advice from you nice folks would be most needle jokes please xx

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Don't take any crap from them - time to vent your anger!!

Ring them and tell them they have done the wrong filling and you are still in a lot of pain, tell them that as you are disabled you need them to be more considerate of the difficulties you have with mobility and remind them you are not a 5 yr old and would appreciate NOT being patronised when you visit, you are there for dental treatment, preferably on the right tooth, and not to be treated like an idiot !

Some of these people can be a bit of a bully - stand up to them.

i had a couple of bad experiences with dentists - on one occasion they broke an instrument in my gum whilst removing a tooth and i had to wait for my gum to stop swelling before an operation to remove it and recently, because i was coughing in the waiting room, the dentist thought it would be nice to discuss my medical condition in the waiting room in front of other patients.

Nowadays i don't give them the chance to treat me in such a bad way - i get stuck in as soon as they start and shut them up !!!!!


lol thanx crazylady, you did make me laugh and I didn't think I had a laugh in me today. I will ring them tomorrow as I have to go to physio today and i can't cope with both as i can feel an exacerbation creepin up on me. Thanks again for the input love I really appreciate it xxx


Your treatment was appalling - both the wrong tooth filled and the verbal assault. I love krazylady's advice - go with it and tell them where to get off! xx


thanks auntymary, im gonna 'give em hell' tomorrow n tell em im bringing krazylady down with me, that should do the trick dont ya think? lol much love to you both xx


I think you are soooo brave, I am to scared to go to the dentist :( But I would go with what Krazylady says


thanks gillyj, I think we all need a crazylady as a friend, i would never be afraid to go anywhere with her by my side. I bet she's a good gigle when she's with the girls. God bless you all xx


My dentist also works upstairs but there are also rooms downstairs. The surgery have been brilliant and arrange for my dentist to use the downstairs room I might have to wait a bit longer to be seen but its worth it.

Still don't like going, never have.

When my girls were young I used to make them go first poor things wasn't I a bad mum.



Love the name!

Well, first I must congratulate have a dentist and I don't. I can't get one for love nor money so whilst I would be tempted to say be grateful you got one (even tho they did the wrong tooth) I daren't cos you may fill my cakehole lol. Oh you made me laugh. So funny.

Well, you weeble on back there (and it could be said that you have been discriminatory against weebles, I still have some from yonks ago...shhhh) and tell em wot for like krazy said. And then sit your bum back down to have your cakehole filled again.....................the right tooth this time!!!!!


That is ridiculous to fill the wrong tooth. Make sure they know in advance that you have a disability then they cant complain if you cant walk up the stairs or sit in the chair without pain. I know if you over a certain age you can get a home visit. Dont know if it applies to disability too but could be worth finding out.

Good luck with - and stay away from cavaties!! xx


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