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chest infection 5 weeks

thank you all for your advise,I took it and went back to the doctors on friday. She changed the 250 clarithramicyn to 500 and gave me some more prednisalone. I have got sinisitis as well as a worsening chest infection. I have know got to learn to breathe properly again hyperventilating but the physiotherapists are going to sort that long hard slog I have been told about 2-3 months and the rest.

So many thanks

keep up the good work helping us


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I really feel for you, chest infection and sinusitis you must be feeling awful. Have you tried steaming I found it quite helpful, but when it was at its worst a good cry was the only thing that cleared it temporarily.

I hope you will soon be on the mend, and good luck with the physio.

Take care.



So sorry this has been going on so long Kate, hopefully the increased dose of clarithramicyn and preds will do the job, have you supplied sputum sample yet? May be worthwhile getting one done. Ask your doc about this a phone call may be helpful.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Lets hope they do the trick and your feeling better soon X


Yeah I hope you are feeling better soon too Kate. Its miserable being ill. Oh I agree with the steam idea. xx


Once you learn to 'breathe again' you will find a huge difference. I did. It's not that hard a slog, just breathing exercises everyday to try and reprogramme your body.

Hopefully the extra meds will sort out the infection - sometimes you need a little bit extra to get you over the final hurdle.

Marie x


Glad to hear that you might be on the road to recovery! Hope you start to feel better soon. TAD xx


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