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Still got chest Infection after 5 weeks


Started with chest infection 5 weeks ago went to doctor she gave me some clarithromycin and prednisalone and some to keep at home, 2 weeks later it was worse so I went back to see if I should take the second lot so soon, she gave me some doxycyclinesaidtake these instead. another 3 weeks have gone by and I'm still bringing up green phlem although it's a bit thinner do I go back again.

thanks for any advice


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Hi kate. I sympathise both with the infection and thinking twice about going back to doctor.

I would go back until it is cleared. Maybe another course will be enough and you could have a nice clear chest for the winter.

I am in the same position and taking mucane which might help after the next course but just at the moment I have a cough and cant seem to clear the phlem either.

I'm going back if it doesn't clear so I hope you do too.



Hi Kate I agree with lavender1, keep going back to the doc until the infection is cleared, get the doc to listen to your lungs each time, take blood pressure, pulse etc and suggest getting a sputum sample tested to identify the bug you are dealing with, this will help get you prescribed with the med that is going to knock it on the head.

Hope you will soon find this infection on its way out.

All good wishes zoee

What they often do, if you have a stubborn infection, is to give a 2 week course of anti-biotics with a week of steroids. I've had that a few times now, but even then the infections seem to come back quite quickly.

I cough up the green stuff, start the backup supply of docycyline, call my GP, he prescribes a new batch and I start to go back uphill. After 2 weeks I can have a clear chest and be breathing better, that lasts a week or so, then I go down again... It's about every 5 weeks that this cycle starts again.

The respiratory nurse gave me a sample bottle this time, so I can take a sample in when I get the green stuff next. She's not happy that I've been like this for months now. I know I want to figure out what it is and try to get rid of it.

If yours has not cleared then certainly go back, and keep going back until they sort it out. You don't want it, don't need it, to hang around and make you feel rough.

I know these messages are a while ago but I wondered if there was a good result. I have PMR so on steroids but have had chest cold for five weeks. X Ray And sputum came back ok. I had bad rash from second antibiotic. The phlegm is white. Sorry I just wondered if any more advice. I increased my prednisone to fifteen. I was on five. But still wheezy. No asthma. And the B cough. Phlegm difficult to bring up. Got all the cough meds and sudafed and humidifier. Thank you so much if anyone has time for advice.

Was so good to read the messages. Made me feel better as not alone. Thank you so much

Hi, I have the same thing, did it get sorted? I'm bringing up white gunk but every so often its green, ive had Amoxicillin twice nothing, still out of breath still coughing 4 months now.

Ive had x rays had all the test oxygen, blood pressure and heart all seems to be fine, but still I'm suffering, any ideas

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Hello Kevin - welcome to the forum. You have replied to a very old thread here and therefore may not get any response. I suggest you post a new message describing your problem which will then be seen by all our current members, who I am sure will offer support and advice.

To submit a new post click here - which will take you to the BLF home page where you will see a blue box [write] on the top right of the page. Click on this and follow the instructions.

Best wishes, Annie


Yes Kate I agree with the comments. You still have a chest infection so you need to keep going back to the dr until its cured.

I get that too but thankfully not for a while - touch wood

Bev xx

Hi Kate

Agree with all above posts. You absolutely need to go back to your GP and as you are bringing up the lovely green stuff ask about putting in a sample. You should be able to do it there and then - go to the loo at the surgery and try to get a sample from deep in your lungs by huffing, not the stuff at the top of your throat. It sounds like either the bugs you are growing are not sensitive to the abs chosen or the doses are not high or long enough. By putting in a sample you and your doc will know what bugs you have cultured and what abs they are sensitive to.

Good luck and get well soon.



I would definitely go back - it needs to be cleared. This always happen with my husband once he gets a chest infection it can take two or three months to clear up properly. He finds the diocxcyline a better antibiotic and always needs the steroids. But it can be very depressing. He starts to take Vit D about now - actually there has been very little sun this year so has taken it all year and that has helped (I think) ! Good Luck TAD xx

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My doctor advised me to take zinc ( to boost the immune system) - went to buy it and took a prescription for doxy with me.

Got home and noticed on the doxy label in bold writing - AVOID ZINC !!!!

only me !! :)


the doctor put me on a daily dose of antibiotics ( doxy) in an attempt to keep the infections at bay, i have been taking them for 3 weeks and for the last 2 weeks have felt really well, although i have been short of breath and tired BUT ( there is always a but!) i have woken this morning with an infection- feel awful!!!

still had a good 2 weeks and am grateful for that.

Hi all I'm new on this site and my Doctor gives me Trimethoprim 200mg and Prednisolone 5mg they are always in stock at home. Last year I needed two lots of tablets to clear my chest infection. Normaly I only need 1 course hope this is helpfull to someone

Hi Kate I have COPD and have weeks with chest infection they seem to be never ending once I get one.

I would go back and keep going back the doctors as you are propabley on the antibiotic that isn't helping. I have one now that is really good clears up quickly but side affects are black tongue can't sleep nightmares, but the benifit out ways the side affects.

I must say if I don't ask for it don't get it so good luck.

Sorry to jump on post. I am on my chest infection since new year. On prednisone n back on antibiotics and inhalers, one for breathless and morn and eve for preventative. I have what feels like two permanent potato sized (sorry folks ) pleghm depositI'm tip of lungs, nothing moves from there, to stubborn to cough any up. However, when new chest infection occurs I can feel the permanent ones growing. Not impressed as hospital has said I have had gremalon inside my lungs for seven years, n they tell me now. The chest infection on top if permanent pleghm has started with red and green sputum today. Finally at hospital next week with respiratory consultant. Hopen for some abowers like yourself hunni. Take care n keep pushing until you are well. X

Fifth chest infection should have said. Sorry pressed submit by mistake before checking.

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