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Breathe easy group

I have been going to my b.e.g. for a while now and apart from good sessions of question and answers with health professionals we seem to be struggling a bit., it's not all about health and medication some of it should be fun. What do other groups do? We seem to be treated like poor people in a care home, bingo and old fashioned singers, we are a mixed aged group so there should be something for all of us. Please help. Suggestions welcome. :)

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Hi at our Breathe Easy, we had a local solicitor in to discuss power of attorney and wills.

Relaxation with music, a local pharmacist, Pilates. Wiltshire Farm foods with tasters of their ready made frozen meals, (or whatever company covers your area). The Ambulance Service, Dietician, Osteoporosis, Physio, Fire Service, together with Consultants, Respiratory Nurses and a couple of Quiz sessions.

Hope you can get something from this.



Yes I am sure I can polly thank you so much. :)


Hi Gilly,

I'm the DO for groups in London so I get to see quite a broad range of meetings. Obviously it’s important not to completely lose focus on boosting our knowledge of lung health and self-management, but no one wants you to get sick of hearing about it either, so it’s good to shake things up occasionally.

Polly’s come up with some great ideas, which have been really well received at meetings I’ve been to. Things like Thai Chi, reflexology and holidaying with a lung condition can also be both useful and fun.

One of the best talks I ever went to came from a charity called Live Life then Give Life, which is an organ donation charity. Some people expected it to be a bit morbid but everyone agreed afterwards that it was utterly inspiring and uplifting. You can get in touch with them via their website:

If the group wants something really different then tried and tested topics include: line dancing demonstrations; ghost stories (from a local tourist attraction); bee keeping; sausage tasting; wine tasting (I kid you not!)

Hopefully this will help you steer away from the care home vibe.



My local Breathe Easy groups have a variety of speakers from health,local history ,humour etc.quizzes,getting to know you monthly meetings.We also have trips up the River Trent each year.Outings to historical houses,garden centres,theatre,pantomine,monthly pub lunch.Xmas lunch(subsidised by group).something for every member,carer, familly or friend.Richard Cornish


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