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Hi I have just been for my 1st PR 6min walking test (didnt do very well) got quite upset as everything seems to be getting on top of me. My husband has to go back into hosp for another op he nearly died this time last year.

They were great at the PR clinic and are now referring me to a OT to see if they can help me, why do I now feel that I dont have to deal with all the problems on my own.

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Sorry to hear hubby has to go back in hospital and PR didn't go so well. Stay positive Darcey, you aren't on your own. Things will get better for you. Glad they are getting you some support. Stay in touch, lots of friends on this site, Take care. xx


So sorry to hear about your husband, its not surprising you are upset. The PR course is a great thing to do and I am so glad you have also been referred to an OT. Don't ever feel you have to deal with things on your own, there is always help out there, sometimes we just have to ask.

Keeping fingers crossed for your husband and hopefully things will begin to improve for you with OT help and PR.

All good wishes Zoee x


So sorry to hear about your husband try to stay positive.Do the pr course it will help you .I have just finished mine and found it did help a lot.My walking test was awful at the begining but was a lot better at the end.The only reason they use this test is to compare how you have improved over the weeks that you attend PR.

Thinking of you both



Hi Darcey.PR is very good for you,at teh end of the course you will realise how beneficial it has been.There is no need for you to feel alone,join your local Breathe Easy group where you will get all kinds of help and friendship.It's free.They have monthly speakers,outings etc and normally a nurse in attendance if you wish to talk to someone privately.Details available from the Blf.. Richard Cornish


Hi to you all and thankyou for your kind messages, I am going to the PR no matter what,

I now realise that I am no good to my husband on the state of mind I am in, and just for once I am going to put myself first.

Once again thankyou all and best wishes, (I feel postive today well it is my birthday so I am having abit of me time lol)

Julia xx


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