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Are there any member on here from/in Anglesey or North Wales ?

...............who can tell me a little about where they live as my partner and I are thinking of relocating there ?We're looking for a 2/3 bed bungalow (semi or detached) near the coast or not far inland (not on an estate). As you will appreciate, a good GP practice is essential as is a fairly nearby hospital.

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oldestnewest I think you will like it elian, it's a beautiful place and has good doctors and hospitals! plenty of bungalows, perhaps try Treaddur Bay area. All the best x


Thank you very much for that information hufferpuffer :) You are right, it is a beautiful place. Do you live in Wales ?

My partner has been holidaying in Barmouth, North Wales for the past 45 years ! We would like very much to live there, but the prices are a bit silly :( so we turned our attention to Anglesey.

Kind regards

Elaine :)


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