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i was taken to hospital after i wrote is blog i was tld they worried i may have had a blood clot on my lung i had chest xray the phnumonia is still there i am strugling to stop smoking i have lots going on im in the process of losing my home as i cannot meet motgage payments so the doctor came to me at 8 this morning and said i still smoke but want them to help me because im still smoking his exact words to me were its home time funny really cos this chest specialist smokes him self i wasnt even given my nebulizer or tablets this mornin im deeply annoyed know i need to stop smoking and i will all im askin is for some one to actually tell me whatb is wrong not just keep sayin we think this we think that

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Hi does your GP not offer help with smoking cessation? Hope they are treating the pneumonia, it's hard to get answers at times from them, have they given you an out patients appointment? Val


i have a ppointment with community respiritary team as my not happy i have to wait 3 months for a appointment.i have been on antibiotics and steroids since april


my housing forms have gone in to the office now but the mortgage compay say they will not wait the 12 weeks that they say it takes before they will make any payment


the income supprt told me it take twlve weeks before the first payment is made x


try and get some legal advice, get CAB to help you if possible. The mortgage co cannot get you out without a court order, and even if they've already been granted one, the judge might well be prepared to grant a "stay" in the circumstances, to give you time to apply to the housing office. The courts are sympathetic to people threatened with repossession, especially as you're ill. Try and get a letter from your consultant or gp

FF xx


Madmarc Are you on sickness benefit? (ESA). If you arent you can claim - if you tell them you are on the verge of eviction they can push your claim through very quickly. I presume the housing benefit can be speeded up too! How long it takes for HB depends on where you live. Sometimes a council can be a long way behind while others can process them much more quickly. Its very arbitrary. If you are currently on benefit tell housing benefit aboutthe eviction and they might be able to process it quicker.

Another way is to email or see your MP. They can be very helpful. My mother was being evicted at the age of 80 and given the run around. I wrote to my MP and she was offered a housing association flat within 1 week. Sometold told me once that if an organisation sees a letter on House of Commons headed paper they get worried and get things moving!

Hope you can get it sorted love - you dont need all this when you are so ill. Take care xx


I struggled to stop the smoking and tried many ways over the years , so far the best i have tried is chamix tablets. here in spain they have to be paid for , 135€ a month , cheaper than cigs at 4€ a pkt !

i do feel better with no fags

it took me 2 attempts with 3 month session each time

im early days after 2nd attempt and the last bit of effort must come from me , the tabs are doing a huge part of it but i must do my bit too .

good luck giving up , one day at a time .

good luck too with all the others worries you have right now.


thank u all so much for ur advice i wish people around me were the same insead of going on at me about smoking i feel like i heading for a nervous breakdown and i feel so selfish but at the min i have to get my head around this illness and try and deal with it and main concern are my 3 children who have to watch me suffer and my youngest is only 8


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