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how long will this take

i have had phnumonia since april this year but was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago since then the doctor thinks i have copd i now have nebulizers at home 4 times a day i only just manage the stairs then im out of breath im 38 and really depressed i take steroids every day and have ten lots of atibiotics and steroids since april how long until i know if i have this condition my parents both had it and their parents also hadthe condition

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Make a note of 03000 030 555 - give them a call, open Monday - Friday 10am-6pm. They'll take a few details and get someone to call you back. It's the BLF helpline,

They can explain things to you, talk with you and help you understand what must be upsetting for you.

Keep coming back here, join in the chatroom if you want, we're all in this together, helping each other if we can :-)


Ask your GP to refer you to a respiratory consultant, Ask consultant about Alpha1 blood check, I say this because you are only 38 with repeated infections and a family history of same. A specialising respiratory consultant will be able to action the relevant test and results will determine more precisely the problem to be treated.

As Gordon has mentioned the BLF helpline will be able to guide you further.

All good wishes Zoe - let us know how you get on.


i jave appointent with respiritary team and also one for a lung function test my doctor is pretty sure it is copd but i habve to be diagnosed bt respiritary team


i am concerned as i am on long term sick from work but am in the process of losing my hoe and the stress is really not helping


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