I wish to thank everyone who supported my idea to share,what "region" we live in,so we could help anyone who needed our help in our "region".some on here decided to blow this way out of proportion ! It was never my intention to suggest that members be specific with their addresses or personal details.Not only have members been kind in their replies to me on here,but also in messages to my message box.there are far too many for me to reply to individually.To those few who didn,t agree with my idea i respect your opinions.thanks again happy breathing day to all x

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Hi Pedantic, I felt really sorry for you, gosh you must have wondered what on earth have I done wrong! please don't let it put you off contributing to this forum.


I think there are a few people on here with other issues and maybe other health problems alongside COPD, so the secret is ignore or tolerate and for those not well make allowance.

I think it was a great suggestion, this illness is one that can be isolating.

:) I didn't see a problem with it; I don't mind saying where I live! Onwards and upwards keep smiling Val :)

Hi pedantic, must say that you have recently experienced something that puts a lot of members off making comments, the nit picking and attentions of somebody who will take things out of context and blow up into out of proportion simply to harass and turn an innocent blog into a farce that suits their own purposes.

The fiasco about using capital letters harassment was unnecessary uncalled for and no reason to nit pick about and the majority of people here wouldn't dream of moaning about it, got to go now but just thought must give you my support too

I can only support what everyone else has said.

Lynne :)

Same here welcome and sorry to hear about the bad first experience of what is a very helpful place to share views and opinions with others in the same situation.

Keep blogging and live and let live

Me too, it becomes far to easy to sit at computer and talk to people you dont know, can take over a bit and isolate you even more. Wouldnt it be nice to know in the next town or village someone with COPD is depressed or lonely just like you and would love to get together for a chat. This can be done sensibly without threat to security and is a good idea. We dont all have breathe easy groups locally . Sally from Cornwall

Breathe Easy in Cornwall my local is very good at keeping me involved socially and with events that informative.

Thanks, shame there isnt a group within 30 miles of me in mid Cornwall but glad you have one close by.

Would not be without my Breathe Easy friends if there is no group the BLF will help you start one with people you have met in hospital stays or at pulmonary rehabilitation only a suggestion :-)

Hi, yes i did enquire about starting a goup , but need at least 8 interested people and a respiratory nurse. Will be doing pulmonary rehab in October so prehaps i will get some interest. Hope so. Will let you know. Thanks again

Hi Pedantic, pleased to see you haven't been put off blogging. You made a really good point , one I hope to follow up. Terri-rose from Kent

Nice to have a place that is not getting negative things only sharing experience and being friends with each other because this is a good place to be most of the time. I have read here same as you pedantic a long time before posting and know most people help each other not judging what they say keep blogging.

Behaving like adults and respecting others opinions is very noble of you pedantic and should be the expected behavior from all that use this place for support and advice.

Hi Pedantic, I am new to this, but like your comment about sharing the region, it would be nice to know other peple with COPD in my area, I feel it would certainly help me to undertand how to deal with this. Thank you

Hiya miffy & welcome.You will find plenty of people on here offering help/advice/support.if you wish to blog your region i feel sure someone from your region is also suffering this damn disease x

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