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Why do I do this?

Why do I do this?

The green eyed monster is currently in residence and has been since last Sunday, and currently the atmosphere is a little green too :( It has been a busy ole week with dog/parrot/child sitting. Sunday to Thursday I had in residence Jilly Dog who is my brother in law's 13 year old jack russell cross, who is deaf and appears to suffer memory problems. on Wednesday whist walking in the local park and looking after my mate's 2 sons and their 2 cousins Jilly Dog decided to get spooked, and ripped the lead out of my hand. By god did she run around like a nutter, no way in hell even if I had a decent pair of lungs would I have caught her. There I was standing in the park just praying that this nutter of a terrier would stop zig zagging about the park. Thank god she came back but only after I sounded like a demented woman yelling my head off for 10 minutes. Jilly went home last night, and for one night only Lottie dog was back in her comfort zone as the only dog in the house, and the only dog to occupy the sofa.

Today I buggered up her karma again, and after abandoning her for 3 hours this morning returned with two Labradors, Jazzie a blonde 11 year old, and Tilly a black 7 to 8 year old.. Can't say my karma is too good either, Jazzie saw fit to raise my blood pressure after escaping from her owner's garden, via a 6 foot fence. Thank god a local taxi firm who knew I was going to be using their services later that afternoon to bring the labs back to my place saw her, and picked her up. Jazzie has done this before and the same taxi service put out an alert on her missing, when I and her Mum were out looking for her, unfortunately on that occasion the dog warden got her first and cost her Mum 80 quid to get her back :( Why she does it no idea, and she is so damn quick, she is gone before you even realise it!

Anyway since I have got back home, both Jazzie and Tilly have had a stand off with the neighbour's cat Jake, Jake 1 Labs Nil, they decided that the hissing was message enough that Jake meant business. Funny thing was he started it. Think he wanted to prove a point. All dogs have gone ballistic at my neighbour walking around his flat upstairs when he first came in, something Lottie doesn't normally do, but she was just following the pack, tonight is going to be interesting when hubby Richard comes in from his night out :O Oh my neighbours are so going to love me NOT!

Currently I have the windows open not just because it is so damn hot, but a certain Jazzie is turning the air green with her farty bum, if my plants don't wilt with the heat, her not so ozone friendly odour might just do them in.

So why do I do this to myself? Well because I adore dogs for one and two owning a dog is particularly important to me. Most people socialise via their employment, they have lunch together and go out after work, but not working due my health this is something I am unable to do. Having Lottie by my side often encourages others to strike up conversations, and I can also be a member of the local doggy social circle. I do find that when I am out without Lottie I suddenly become invisible so having Lottie as my unofficial therapy dog is extremely important..

Thanks for reading folks, off to get some hopefully fresher air! Love Daxie Mad

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I quite agree, I wouldn't be without my dog even though he drives me crazy sometimes!

Great blog you certainly have a busy life Val

My goodness daxie :O you certainly have your hands full !! You don't have time to think about the COPD ....... lol :)

I don't have COPD, I have brittle asthma

Ooooooops ! Sorry :(

Wow! You really are a dog lover. I like dogs too but I am cat woman. Tessa is 14 now and would not even think about proving a point to any dog or cat come to that. She is very fit and active but loves her mum, dad and family (not the grandson just yet though). If owning and caring for dogs keeps you going then, good for you! It is a bugger when they run off though isn't it?! Take care and stay as well as you can. sassy59 xxxx

Gosh, you are very brave, how do you know they are going to get on?

I have a very tiny yorky/jack russell who is 13years old now and also deaf, I think his sight is going and he has a bad heart and he only has 3 teeth, so his tongue hangs out but he can certainly run when it is tablet time. He is the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing at night.

Won't have another dog when he is gone would not be fair can't take him walkies any more.


Great blog chick, like you I have my dog with me everyday.. shes a great support system..

you are so lucky to have animals, my Drs and specialist have all told me that Im not to have any pets. I used to run my own dog training club, run and organise dog shows, and of course own and train my own German Shepherds. I lost my last one last year with cancer. Am pleased you are all still able to enjoy your lovely pets, they will love you unconditionally and always keep a smile on your face when life seem hard.

In answer to the question how do I know if they will all get on? Well I am involved with all the dogs on a regular basis one way or another, also why Lottie does behave like a green eyed monster she did live with other dogs before she came to us, plus I am forever collecting stray dogs and turning them over to the local dog warden. I used to be a RSPCA Trustee and so believe very strongly in animal welfare and supporting what animals I can. The bugger of it all is I am quite allergic, Lottie and I get along fine but tonight am glad that it is just Lottie and me again now, because I do find it all rather exhausting. Back to the allergies though I can just about tolerate the symptoms from the dogs, but other animals are a nightmare, not that it stops me from loving them. Often can be found have mad conversation with the local hedgehogs and squirrels down the park. But that's why I call myself Daxie Mad, totally barking!

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