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David 1968 Spirometry Result!!!

Just got the results but totally

Spoke to doctor on the phone and he said I had very mild Empysima.

Just had a look at the test result and can make no head nor tail of it. He didn't even explain it to me, said he would leave the results in an envelope fr me to collect at reception.

Doctor stated if I have no symptoms and are not out of breath then not to worry, never mentioned a follow up visit-jags-meds etc.

Is there a % thing I'm looking at on the report, don't know what all this FVC (L) FEV1 (L) VEXT etc is all about. Any idea?

David 1968

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if you google explaining spirometry there will be a site to read

Thanks I'm googling it right now.

The sp02 is 99% oqygen leven in the blood and the mrc grade 1 is only getds breathless during strenous exercise.

David 1968

When you get the results FEV FVC etc you then need to do a calculation to get your specific reading:

Your 99% oxygen as mentioned in a previously is excellent, no need at all for concern with that. Even non lung patients will get breatheless during strenuous exercise.

Tried the web site but I don't know where to put the pred-pre-%prd post-%prd and %chg. That's excluding the fvc fev1 etc, doctors who needs them.


David 1968

You only need the information asked for on the patient uk spirometry calculator page. Assuming you have the information to hand. You said above the doc would leave the results in an envelope for you to pick up. When you have those details then you can use the spirometry calculator. No point in trying to enter information that the calculator does not require.


I did enter the results onto the websit and it read NORMAL?

Hi David, You sound as if you are in the sitution as me, I was taken into hospital with breathing troubles and the chest doctor said that I had no reserve left in my lungs and my lungs were hyperventlalated (soz about the spelling),Then I have my PLFs done at the COPD clinic and the 1st ones were really bad (I blew 3 times each time) and was asked if I could do them again which I did and these were normal, how this could be after 20mins I dont know, anyway I was just told that my results were normal/borderline COPD. I just dont know were I am these days Take care Julia x

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