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Is it common practice to keep changing doctors until you find a good one?

I am really curious as I have only ever changed doctors when moving before, but lately the level of care has been pretty horrendous, I have my doctors writing to my occupational therapist with totally wrong info even down to describing my brittle asthma as acute asthma and getting the number of hospital admissions drastically wrong!

Is it common practice to change until you find a good on or just moan at them?

surely it cannot be that hard to find a dr with a good knowledge of asthma?

any info is much appreciated


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You can only take so much of being fobbed off and treated badly. Its your life they are dealing with and your condition is hard enough without added stress. Put a complaint in writing to the practise, make them aware that you wont tolerate it, meanwhile check other practices in the area with gps specialising in lung problems, or word of mouth recommendations.

best wishes.

Thankyou for taking the time to answer, I just didnt want to be seen as the whingy one making a fuss!! and I dont know what the common practice is.

Im going to see them on Thurs to talk this all over and if it doesnt improve just change drs myself as I am very suspicious that this lack of right info from the drs is probably what got my DLA claim denied as everyone else I see is telling me I should be getting it and its not funny when youve got 2 kids to support and a partner thats self employed as every month when im in hospital he has to take time off for the kids and theirs no sick pay!!

Thanks again x

Hi poorlykat

You might want to check out what other surgeries are available to you and convenient to your needs, check if they have a resident respiratory nurse etc. or a doctor who has extra respiratory understanding and training. Some surgeries have their own website where you can check these sorts of things out. Information about the doctors what days they work, what specialist care of facilities they have. Also ask around locally what people think of their doctor and what surgery they attend.

Good luck with it all.

Hi I have been at my docs for over 20 years and got on really well and liked my Doctor.

I had been really poorly and kept getting infections month after month, eventually I asked to be referred back to the consultant. I eventually got one 3 months away. I was still getting regular infections and feeling pretty rough so I phoned for an appointment but my Doc was fully booked and as I wanted to see someone urgently I opted for the newest Doc in the practice. She seemed very young, gave me a good looking over said she would phone my consultant to try to get my appointment bought forward but promised nothing. Less than an hour after getting home, she phoned me to say I had an appointment the following week, so don't see a Doc just because you like them and have been seeing them a long time, sometimes the younger Doc's are best.

Thanks all of you its nice to know im not just over reacting!

Only trouble is im pretty sure this is the only surgery in my catchment area as i live in the middle of no where--- so much for choice!! will call around tomoz and see

Thanks again guys x

It's your health poorlykat and you must make sure you get the best possible care you can.

The way I look at it, you go for a meal, pay for it and it is sub standard. You complain because you have paid for a service that you have not received. Well, doctors are the same I reckon. We pay our NHS contributions, hence pay GP's salaries and if we do not get the service that we have paid for then complain. If you don't get satisfaction, you don't go back. You wouldn't go back to a restaurant that gave you bad food so why go back to a doc that gave you bad advice/service etc? After all, you may not be able to rectify a medical mistake........

Thats just the way I look at it..........good luck x

Hi Poorlykat

I would have said ditch the doc asap. However your problem is there is no other surgery in your area. Do you have more than one doctor within the surgery? GPs although general docs also have a special interest in cetain areas of medicine. When I moved here I chose a GP who had worked for a resp consultant and he is actually the only one who can say when my lungs sound better or worse than normal as they are always crackly. I think you may have two options 1. See another doc within the surgery. 2. Explain the problems you have been experiencing and that you would like to work with them to resolve these issues.

Good luck sweet.


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