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Do natural products really work?

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Good morning everyone

I was wondering if anyone has tried the Lignosus, a mushroom and tiger milk which is supposed to aid asthma sufferers whilst strengthening lungs!

I am all for natural products however I would like to have some info on this from your good selves

15 Replies
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The only ones that I have tried and work for me, are Tea Tree Cream and Manuka Honey, the latter (in a high grade) really helps a cough and sore throat.

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Same as above, Manuka honey helped enormously in helping recover from a few years of chronic infections at the highest & genuine Manuka. It was £45 per jar in 2013, I took it like medicine along with prescribed meds ie a teaspoon 3 times a day or more if I got another infection. Nowadays I use local honey. Tea Tree oil is a great antiseptic, I use on wounds or a few drops in water to gargle away a sore throat.

Raspberry leaf tea to get rid of any access water .

Arnica (known as Bone Knit in days gone by) for various fractures or bruises.

Calendula cream for wounds, scrapes, grazes

When I think about it we use healing things daily, ie garlic, ginger, curcumin (though you need a load of that to make a difference).

I'd probably think twice - or ten times - before trying mushrooms 🍄 though.

I dont mean to be rude but tiger milk?

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My thoughts entirelyThank you for info

I use herbs for healing daily as well

Infact if I go to the GP they usually think I ought to be at the undertakers!!!!!!!!!!

Having read your reply I thank you again I am allergic to some fungi like quorn

So perhaps I’ll give that a miss

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Threecats in reply to peege

Would certainly second the manuka honey, Peege. It did wonders when a skin cancer I had removed got infected. I applied it to the wound and like you, also took a teaspoon of it three times a day and was sorted in no time👍As for tiger milk, it’s a type of mushroom in this case. I have looked at it with a view to helping my asthma but I’m a bit cautious as allergic to some fungi.

in reply to Threecats

Thank you I’m in total agreement

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peege in reply to Threecats

Ah thanks 3cats - I'd been wondering who would be brave enough to milk a tiger then drink it's milk 😳

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Threecats in reply to peege

I have a little semi-feral cat - tiny but very feisty. The vet has to don gauntlets just to deal with her. Think a suit of armour might be required for a spot of tiger milking😂

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I wonder how you milk a mushroom🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Threecats in reply to

😂 well if you can get cream of mushroom soup, why not milk🤣🤣 I’ll never be able to look at a mushroom the same way again now, thinking of all those baby mushrooms being deprived of their mother’s milk😂😂😂

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Please remember that “natural” products can affect prescribed medications. It is important that you tell your gp or pharmacist if you try anything new. For example due to my dad’s medication he can’t eat grapefruit or vegetables with vitamin K.I once (quite rightly) was told off by my gp for taking a particular natural tablet and not informing them, because it had contraindications with medications I am on.

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Thanks Bevvy I know the contraindications!!Apart from being a psychologist my daughter is an advanced paramedic and very anti🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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HalloI tried Lignosus for about 4 months and I didn't really feel any different. It is very expensive

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Thank you for that yes it is very expensive

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I take Turmeric,Baobab, Spirulina and Chlorella daily. All free from pesticides and pure. Also take M&S Honey. xxSheila 👍💕

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Thanks SheilaI’ve just bought some high grade manuka plus I try and have golden milk each night!!!

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