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Sorry, I am new here, my husband has copd.

Would like to know what other copd suffers have of medication, my husband is on Symbicorte turbo, and 1 spiriva, he is not getting any releif , he is still breathless, is there any medications who can help with this, would be intrested to hear from anyone.

thank you. have a good day

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Welcome Dane,

The important thing to remember is we are all different so what may work for one person may not work for another, but if he is not getting any relief take him back to the doctor to see if anything else helps.

Don't forget to take into account he may be bad because of the weather - its affected me quite badly, i can't win both the heat and cold affect me so i like a nice normal rainy day :)

i am on tablets and inhalers daily, i also have steroids and antibiotics for emergency use and a nebuliser ( which i have yet to use) .

I hope you get it sorted for him soon , nothing worse than being SOB xx

Auntymary xx

by the way - don't be sorry, there are some amazing people on here who will be able to help and advise you and we all need help sometimes.

Hi dane, welcome to the site. I am on the same medication, my doctor said that i am on the right medication and dont need anything else. I still get breathless, though on a mild day when it isnt too hot or too cold, i dont feel too bad. I also have my ventolin too. I am so used to being active and alot of the time, i cant do alot, which gets me frustrated, even walking upstairs. If your hubby is really bad, take him back to the docs to see if there is anything else which can help him.


Hi Dane and wecome ,I can only say the same as Krazylady .We are all diffent I too am on carbosistine and theophylline and the three pumps with back up steroids and antiboics ,but I seen to only need a nebuilser when really bad normal around Christmas time .I am also on oxygen not all the time but I have to use it to move about so about 7 hours daily . take care jackie .

Dear dane

Its important your husband goes back to see the doctor if his medication is not working for him, especially so if he is taking it as already prescribed, it could be a number of things that your doc can check out to be sure. ie he is not developing a lung infection, the medication technique is correct, the dose etc etc.

Sometimes medications suit one person and not another and it could just be this medication is not suited to your husband. There are lots of other medicines that the GP can prescribe, often its just finding the right one. Please don't delay in getting back to your husbands GP. Or phone the respiratory clinic at the hospital if the medication was prescribed by a specialising consultant.

Good wishes and let us know how things are.


Hi Dane, welcome.Yes I am on the same as the others, but didnt start off with all that. Also on oxygen. A chest infection can worsen shortness of breath and we get those often, also this weather /any weather changes/chemical smells etc. There is a host of things, so please go back to the doctor or ask for an appointment with the respiratory nurse if the practise has one.

best wishes

Hej Gordon, Thanks so much, for info, was not able to find the page.

I was talking to someone in the shop I work, he also said he was on the brown one.

Can I ask you, does it help you breath easier?

i had the same with the brown one gordon and now on the purple on - find it better .

Hi Gordon - that link didn't work .. so patient.co.uk/dils.asp

great info, thanks, Gordon.


I sometimes find I still get a bit breathless after using my inhaler(s). My doctor gave me 2 extra medicines.

Carbocisteine to help clear sputum and Phyllocontin which helps open the airways.

For me personally they help my breathlessness quite a lot but then again we are all different.

Have to tell a little white one to read this report Gordon, but no challenge (well on Ubuntu/Linux anyway)

"A computer is like air conditioning – it becomes useless when you open Windows"

- Linus Torvald........ Ubuntu 12.04 LTS..... Linux Rocks!


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