Well what can i say, what a great welcome - i would like to answer you all individually but i didnt bank on this kind of response so Thank you all.


i had better not let my wife see these posts -if she see's Munster she will have a field day lol.

It will be Herman can you put the kettle on, Herman pass me the remote!!!

Yes apparentlyi have nerve damage in my back which is causing alot of pain, breathing problems and stomach / bowel problems. Seeing a chiropractor at present but i think he is making things worse as he doesnt half give you a pummelling (i now know how 'Stretch Armstrong' feels) lol. But the gang i work with look after me (im now desk bound), at present - but like i said i go at my own pace, so much so i have been 'between jobs' for nearly a year lol, hence the bosses being annoyed lol.

I think i am going to like it in here, but be warned i can be a bit cheeky! :)

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  • lol @ you ...... and so can we !! ;)

  • mm elian lol

  • Hi Sancho, it is and so friendly

  • Sorry Muckster i never said Hello...So..Hello...Do you live near oxfordshire?

  • Hi Scottyboy,

    no problem, im not that far from oxfordshire - im in northamptonshire - and hello

  • tried acupuncture ? can help bad backs

  • Hi Julie,

    Not tried that, but seriously thinking of giving up on the chiropractor, as my lungs have been burning this week, as he does a little trick of making you breath out then slamming down hard on your back, pushes my lungs into the table.

    How are you, hope all is well?

  • Hi Muckster

    Am feeling much better today and energy to do things - moving better than the snailspeed of friday evening - had to go docs for nebuliser urgently - sudden exacerbation that seems to not be long lasting and devastating like my last one...think secret is being stronger beforehand, getting antibioutics fast and acupuncture as well as things like Potters herbal chest mixture that helps me get rid of mucus. Now must make sure I have nebuliser at hand at home...was lucky I caught docs before they closed for weekend!

    Is your chiropractor knowledgeable on COPD ? Maybe ask your doc for referral to a respiratory therapist as well a s trying acupuncture - 6 acupuncture sessions I feel have made such a big difference to me and now on maintenance programme so gets less costly. If interested to know more look up and look up a local traditional chinese acupuncturist. I got started on it after reading about a small COPD study that had shown positive results in Japan. So for back and COPD, may help you. Note just for back you may not need as many sessions but perhaps the acupuncturist may be able to treat both at same time - 2 for price of one :) worth asking. Happy Sunday

    Love your cartoon figures ...How do you do that ? they bring smiles everywhere no doubt.

  • Hi Julie,

    Glad to see your on the mend, i suppose a lot of people dont think about being prepared with antibiotics or keeping up exercise levels, so goog on you for your proactive thinking.

    How are you coping in this heat? - its unbearable at work as i work for a cereal manufacture, so i avoid going on plant as the heat and dust can be off the scale.

    The chriopractor seems to be knowledgeable, but i think at times he forgets - im getting better at pre-empting his actions now lol.

    I have a couple of sessions left, with him, but if not cleared they are going to send me to a specialist - then we will take things from there.

    As for the cartoon figure, you will soon be whizzing them over the screen lol.

    When you write a new blog, scanned down the page and it will give you a section to add an image, but you can only do it on the new blog.

    Im off for a cooling shower, take care and have fun with the cartoons lol :)

  • oh, good...will try with cartoons. The heat is hard to handle yes, me too. Just staggered back in after half hour weeding ! cooler inside thank goodness. The dust at your work must be awful to handle... I am glad and relieved that I am retired.

    Yes, we gotta keep telling people what we know we need ... am getting more asserttive on that front now, hence just walking into docs and asking for an emergency nebuliser treatment that probably saved a hospital visit/ stay ! Best wishes for your specialist appointment. Let us know how you get on. x Julie

  • Your retired, you look much too young for that, Does the garden ever irrate your lungs, i.e. pollen, mowen grass etc, im always a bit wheezy after a run round with the mower lol.

    Just had a gander, cant see any posts with a cartoon on :(

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