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Has anyone, who is on LTOT, managed to get travel insurance for a fairly reasonable rate, i.e. below £100 at least? Looking at a 2 week holiday abroad, but so far the quotes have been more than the cost of the holiday.

I already have a long list of companies, who deal with people with existing conditons, so not looking for other companies; just wondered if anyone had managed it and, if so, with which company?

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  • I'm about to start trawling the insurance companies too Blodwyn, for a visit to my daughter & her family in Switzerland sometime before the end of October. If you find a good quote can you let me know please ? I'll do the same if I find one :)

  • Sorry, meant to add that last time I went for a 2 week stay (last September) I used a company called J.D. Travel and they were very reasonable, but I wasn't on the oxygen then :(

  • Hi elian - will do, but am not holding my breath :) One company refused to even consider me for an annual policy - asked them if they knew something that I did not. Single trip was over £350. I would not mind but my condition is well managed and I have never ever been hospitalised. Will rant no more, but will let you know if I find any gems :)

  • hi Blodwyn nevr got under the hundred either :-(

    Ladbrookes are a good bet :-) what odds on getting back ?

  • I applied for travel insurance back in March and for annual cover it cost over £200 and I wasn't diagnosed with COPD at that time, but I do have asmtha and other medical conditions.

    Unfortunately they wouldn't cover the asthma under the policy it was excluded but as it was well controlled I wasn't concerned, not sure about now!!

    I would contact age concern, saga, blf who will point you in the right direction and know about holiday insurance.

  • I cannot get annual cover any more since diagnosis - they also charge more for each inhaler you use. I checked around all the main insurers and have used Staysure for the last few times - they are actually brokers but definitely beat Age UK and Saga quotes - I have also had to make a small claim (nothing to do with COPD) and they paid promptly with no arguement. Staysure are on the net but I have found it better to talk personally to a representative. Good hunting. Bear in mind though that it wil be expensive because of COPD.

  • I have a good annual deal from Saga...twice normal price ... not on oxygen though.

  • We have an annual policy with Tokio Marine which is about £85 for both of us but it does not cover COPD at all so I stick to Europe where the EHIC card will cover emergency treatment.

  • But the EHIC card would not cover emergency repatriation.

  • Hi

    If it helps anyone - on the BLF website there is a list of insurers made up of companies that are "sympathetic" to people with chronic conditions - and some that have been suggested by people who have got a "good" quote. We aren't recommending any - the list is there to help you with your searches - give the Helpline a call - 03000 030 555 - and we will send anyone a copy.

    But do let us know if you come across any "friendly" insurers - perhaps we could include them on the list when it is next reviewed.



  • Just got annual worldwide cover (covering myself and husband's medical problems) for £401 with Age UK. They seem to ask the questions differently which takes into account the severeity of your disabilities rather than the name of your disabilities. Worth a try. First company to offer Annual.

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