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Holiday in Wales

Hi everyone, I hope your all well.

Got back from Wales yesterday and have loved every minute of it. Did exactly what we planned to do and that was WALK. I have suprised myself because I was`nt at all well before we went, I`d had 2 lots of anti-biotics, 2 lots of steroids and had used a nebuliser so I was a little worried. My whole family have been great, we have walked miles and at my pace. I took my tri-wheeler and she has really come into her own, I`ve christened her Doris I don`t know why but it suits her.

I`m working my way through the blogs I`ve received and there are some really interesting ones.

Regards to you all


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Welcome 'home' Linda - glad to read that you and 'Doris' enjoyed your holiday! P :)

Most hearten to learn your medication is successful with your family able also to have happinness on this holiday

Glad you enjoyed your break mine on the 16th to Chester can not wait ha ha Val x

Thanks for your replies. Enjoy Chester Valm, I`m sure you will.

Regards Linda

We do aim to please in Wales.......glad you enjoyed. Which part did you go? I live in South Wales.

Hi tanyamarie

We went to Llandudno stayed just outside at Conwy overlooking the estuary, the views were spectacular. Went up the Great Orm (by car) played crazy golf had coffee and took in the views, they were certainly on a par with Derbyshire where I live. We certainly intend to go again next year.


It is beautiful up there, glad you really liked it. Never been to Derbyshire, such a long drive from here. Maybe one day!

It's good to hear you've had a great holiday Linda :) and that you were able to do all the walking at your own pace, not having to push yourself to keep up with others. I bet you're looking forward to next time already ;)

Hi Linda, Conwy area is even nicer without the rain of the last few...months ;) .

We're lucky Llandudno is just an hour away, and the Prom(s) are great for a stroll, the West shore in particular, wonder if you tried that one?


Hi Davy,

Yes we went on the prom a few times and on the west shore they are both perfect for walking. We are lucky really because one of my daughter in law has an uncle who has his own place in Conwy, she has been going there since she was a little girl so she was able to take us to some beautiful places. I must admit I have enjoyed it more than I expected to, I`m really looking forward to going next year.


Hi Stitch, nice to hear from you, no I`m afraid I didn`t go to Rowen (maybe next time). I would have loved to have tried to walk up the Great Orm but common sense prevailed. I must admit that my tri-wheeler helped me such a lot, I don`t think I could have done half as much without her.I have had lovely comments since we have come home from my family, they have all said that they didn`t expect me to have done as much as I did so I am quite proud of myself.


Hello Linda, wondered where you were, nice to have you back. Sounds like you had a great holiday!

Hi there Gordon

Nice to hear from you. How are you?

Yes I`m still here, had my ups and downs like everyone else but determined to stay positive.

We have had a smashing time in Wales and looking forward to going again next year.

Glad you had such a good time. I will be going to Wales too, in August with my family. Hope I can persuade them to go walking which I love - and of course need the exercise. It's a lovely part of the world. I remember years ago I walked the Pembrokeshire coast path and Offa's Dyke on the borders - backpacking - those were the days! (Pre- bronchiectasis/ obliterative bronchiolitis.)

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