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Tesco staff member

This morning, puff feeling quite well, although not 100 per cent, we went to Tesco's, took a slow walk round, but there came a point where puff stopped to catch his breath.

An alert staff member came and asked if he was ok, and if he needed help.Puff explained about the COPD, and the man asked if he needed a drink.

Puff refused the drink, but we both thought the man's attitude was very helpful.

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That was good Val

shop at asda every little helps :-)

My local Tesco is just a 10 minute walk away and the staff there are very friendly. On one occasion, before I got my blue badge, I parked in one of the disabled bays. A man collecting trolleys came over to me, presumably to check I had a blue badge displayed, so I explained to him about my COPD and that I had recently been discharged from hospital, and had applied for my badge. He was lovely, told me to park there as long as I needed and if anyone else queried it to ask them to speak to him.

Thumbs up for Tesco staff :)

At my local Tesco I'm lucky to get a disabled bay, usually full of builders vans. :( The management don't care as long as they're taking money at the tills. I've started using Sainsbury as they police the bays. :)

i work for tesco and have copd...wish they were as helpful and understanding with there employees

I know the feeling.

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