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Finally had my bronchoscopy this morning!

Well I have to wait for the results to come back but I recall hearing the guy that was doing it say "it was clear" so I then asked the nurse just to verify what I had heard and she said also the same thing.

It seems or at least I'm hoping so that the "shadow" on the lung whatever it was has actually cleared which could have been pneumonia perhaps? I'm still not sure and have to wait a few weeks for the results but I'm more hopeful.

I was also told that the chest pain could be anxiety which wouldn't really surprise me. Quitting smoking and getting over pneumonia would also mean I would be throat clearing for several months.

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That's good news demon

Pleased for you. I had a shadow on lung prior to diagnosis, its what lead to thorough testing, eventually after several months my shadow cleared too. No idea if the shadow was the result of pneumonia, could be in your case. In my case could have just been a very bad lung infection which took a long time to shift. No one told me I had pneumonia at the time, but I sure was a long time recovering.

Here's to hearing more good news when you get your results, if the chest pain is caused by anxiety you may find this eases with the good news and you can rest and breathe easier now.

You are so good giving up the smokes, well done for doing that. Throat and lung clearing is likely with stopping smoking and the pneumonia recovery.

Keep up the good work and keep on getting good test result.


Thank you but my anger issues are arising again and it's only a matter of time before something serious does happen to others unless I keep myself locked away :( I have an issue with serotonin or lack thereof and have done for twelve years and the only thing that refrained me from stabbing my old boss was weed >.<

I will continue the way I am and TRY to remain calm but I simply know that medically it isn't possible so the only realistic thing for me is as I said to hide away until my time is up. I could try medicinal stuff to help me but I really don't think so.

The irony is my condition of severe anger issues was already noted by the drug specialists in Shrewsbury and the recommendation (being as it was working) was to continue as I was with the weed, I'm just annoyed that the cigarettes are the things that probably caused my health issues, by the way you know horses and dogs suffer emphysema also o.0?



Why do you not eat some weed/hash then (cake) , instead of smoking it, if it helps you refrain from bouts of violence, I mean what you are saying now, is pretty heavy Den, have you ever tried some simple meditation or is your problem chemical, like an imbalance, or so?

You may have either a temp er or a wild temperament, I personally believe many things like this are the result of actual incidences, long forgotten, that have created habits, lots of childhood frustrations like being absolutely unable to stand up to adults that were treating a child incorrectly, the child building up blocks/walls with which to protect but never having anything explained means the child grows to be very hurt and rightly so, as so much is not kind.

You need to tell yourself Den, that you have done nothing wrong and that you deserve to be okay, to be treated okay, because you yourself are kind, so then you say to yourself, I will now make a habit of thinking thoughts that build me up and are reflective of the love I feel for myself and in turn others, in a natural way, meaning I love me and therefore I take care of myself, in all ways that I can, ane rthen in this way I can share some of the goodness that I feel , in a non-selfish way but I must consider me as the basis as I am the one I know best.

I avoid negative people and choose pleasant up[lifting thoughts.

This can all, through mind power, affect your natural processing and building of serotonin.

This is true simply because the mind is such a powerful instrument, causing waves of enlightenment, great music, art and wars all at the same time

There are so me fantastic English sayings of yesteryear,

It's all in the mind

is definitely one.

If you are aware of triggers try to furnish your life, if at all possible with an absence of those elements like people that upset you, at least do no t engage with them, one would need to hide out in a cave to avoid everyone but as long as you do not need to share stuff personally you can go fr by rethinking what is happening to you and why.

Your mind can beat many things, even lots of types of illnesses.


Hi Den,

The throat clearing, etc, is something that goes on for years, not by coughing junk up, but even without it being noticeable, even damaged lungs, if not repairing alveoli are repairing in other ways, that's why, after a number of years people that quit smoking, have lungs which after 10 years of no more smoke in them, are just like lungs that never were smoked like kippers, as far as risks of getting cancer go , this is not my idea/invention or hope, but is something that is well-documented everywhere online as fact, medical-wise.


Self repairing lungs ?


Yes, you need to look it up, alveoli are not the only things lungs are bult up from.

Debris is expelled from the lungs when people stop smoking, and no, alveoli do not repair themselves but you knew that didn't you.

Please say something worthwhile instead of trying to be a clever dick, it doesn't suit you.

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Yes dog, horses and seeing as how dragons smoke so much, or is it smokeless flames they have, they must cough a plenty.


hi,i was exactly the same,each time i tried to give up,folk were begging me to light up,i am a hopeless addict ,addicted to nicotine and so when i finally gave up the cigerettes 6 years ago i used nicotine lozengers and to this day i am still on them and i remain quite calm,not ideal but none of the harmful effects so it works for me,

as mentioned before if its the weed your missing ,bake cakes,:D

good news from the hospital ,well done :)

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Hi Den,

Tobacco is bad news and cannabis on top is even worse, I hate to say it, as it will probably make you angry to face up to the fact that habitual use of the cannabis can induce paranoia/anger as I am sure you are well aware.

Instead of locking yourself away from society, I would suggest you ask for help to overcome your issues, we all need help, do not blame or beat yourself up over it


Have to disagree with you on this, you say, the cannabis, to me that means you know nothing about it and are going by what you've heard or read, the usual tripe, but, on the other hand it is possible for some people to be adversely affected, the way you put it though is akin to the typical institutional scaremongering, brewed up by some nuts in America, of yesteryear or way back when. What Den said was it was the only thing that HELPED him, if he saus that then it must mean he is calmer, in that case then I see no danger with it for him.

However, is it really true, that he is okay with it, only he knows that.

I've known all kinds of people, some after one joint couldn't do a thing, whilst other performed truly far better through it. I feel him saying things about knives means there is something really not okay going on, I really cannot laugh about what he said on that beause there is potential serious danger of someone getting hurt or killed.

Back to the ubject of weed and hash and people talking nonsense about it, if you are equally againt booze, and other drugs, like coffee, tea, then I might be able to take you (more) seriously, but as of now, what you wrote, I feel, is typical of people who do not know a thing about the effects of weed or and hash.

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TJohn yes you understand correctly and I have been to see drug specialists about the issue that I have which is based on not being able to build serotonin, it has been checked and I'm actually lucky to even be alive.

Not really going to go into exactly what happened or why it happened or why I was back and forth for scans on the brain for ten or so years but yes cannabis was the ONLY thing stopping me from physically attacking people.

Imagine the hulk but without the green and gamma rays and that's basically me, I am unable to control it and general therapy is pointless because I "turn green" for just dropping a pen more than once >.<

I am currently having hash cakes but really need Indica rather than Sativa as Sativa has a nasty tendency to bring out the panic attacks.

True TJohn that nobody actually knows me for me and when your own mother is terrified of what you might do to her because you get "edgy" well it's no fun and it breaks my heart as well so there is NO WAY I'm stopping the weed I will just have to continue with eating it with cakes and maybe making "herbal teas" with it.


well done ... a thousand congratulations on quitting fags. Years ago with depression I had counselling - I just didn't have the energy to say 'no' ,,, IT WAS WONDERFUL :)) try it, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain. I found Cognitive Behaviour counselling the best after going to a 3 day course where I was amazed at the range of people of all ages and backgrounds, some with full physical health and wonderful families who hadd been depressed for years. Tips I found helpful were eating bananas (for increased serotonin (I still do) , cognitive behaviour counselling (understanding we have power to make change behaviour) and watching funny programmes (laughter and smiles making immediate positive chemicals in the brain), smiling even when you could be crying (brain is easily fooled) . Hope that helps. Know you are doing the best you can with the resources you have....and you can add to your resources and do even better :)


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