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Carers Week 18th - 24th June - In sickness and in Health Report.

Good Afternoon everyone

I hope you are all well.

If you don't know this week (18th - 24th June 2012) is Carers' Week.

There is also a report released today dIscussing how carers' are less likely to go to see their GP's for medical help due to their caring responsibilities, potentially putting their health at risk.

See the link below for more information on this report:


Have a good day!


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Thanks Jo!

Carers Week fits very nicely with Breathe Easy week: The support and information provided by the BLF is for anyone AFFECTED by lung disease. This includes family, friends and carers as much as anyone living with a lung condition.

To support Carers Week and Breathe Easy week the BLF have produced a NEW information booklet : looking after someone with a lung condition: information for families, friends and carers.

You can get this information on the website


and order a hard copy from the website's publications order form


Happy Carers and Breathe Easy Week everybody!


I've been a carer for 23 yrs to both my sons and my ex husband, I never had the time to take care of myself which is probably why I have so many issues now copd and other varies things..

I think the official bodies out there need to realize that us carers can't and or won't put themselves first but it would also help if the official bodies took note of who the carers are and start asking them what they need..

Like I said carer for 23 yrs, outside help none and still can't get any!

Thanks for both links though..



Hi Evie

Thanks for your blog - i am sorry to read of the problems and lack of support you have experienced.

Hopefully by highlighting carers issues through the 'Health and Sickness' report, and having Carers Week we can raise the profile and try to get better support and services.




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