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Question about Mucodyne and Sputum Samples

Hi Gang

As I said in my previous thread,I have today started taking Mucodyne.

Does anyone know how long before I see any results from taking this?

Also,and this is awkward,how much sputum is enough to take to the hospital,and can I store it overnight if I don't produce much in 1 day?


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Got to say that nothing changed with this but doctor said it was working if things did not get worse no idea about storing it up just comes up when it is ready to no different than normal

I take Carbocisteine, which is very similar and it took about a week to build up in my system before I noticed any real effect. As for the sputum sample, anything you cough up is sufficient for them to carry out analysis, although I wouldn't discount saving it overnight and adding to it the following day.

Not sure this helps you, but don't worry about it. If you've not given them a big enough sample you can always take another one, another day.

Keep on keeping on :)

Thanks for the replies.

I have just been to the Hospital for my CT Scan,and while there I popped into the Lab to ask about the sample.

I can keep it overnight in the fridge,and add to it the next morning.

As for how much,as much as you can manage,something the size of 2 peas would be ideal.


My dad has just changed to mucodyne syrup instead of the tablets and he finds it better. Also he has codeine linctus to help suppress the cough and help with the pain when coughing.

Samples should not be stored. The bugs die off about 3 hours after leaving the body. This could result in a false negative result. They only need a small amount (approx 1 - 2 spits). Please try to get sputum plugs from different areas of the lungs, especially lower or whatever area you 'feel' is rough. I usually try whilst doing physio. Not always possible when you have high temp and feel dreadful.XX

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