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Well didn't make it to my mam's today thought the walk from the car to her house would be a bit too much! So went out for a drive with Graham he took me round a lake in a wheelchair it had a swan in ha ha, around about Hadrian's Wall country. The sun's been out pretty warm didn't need a coat,he mentioned on the way back we'll get a Mr Whippy ice cream oh lovely said I, guess what! Couldn't find a Mr Whippy typical ha ha Ah well the next time.

Hope you are all having the sunshine what a difference it makes Val x

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Happy for you being able to get out and about in the fresh means so much after being indoors with an infection so enjoy the quality time with your family

Yes it's been lovely Val x

wahey Val xx your out and about xxx brilliant


Thank you plans for the coming week hair cut out for lunch Wednesday Val x

Glad you are having a sunny day Val :) It's just burst through the clouds here after a cloudy muggy morning. Summer' is on its way (just about). You have got me thinking about getting my hair cut too. I find I am leaving it longer and longer between washes, and my arms ache so much when I brush it that I have to do it in three sections with rests in between :( Parvati

Makes you feel better getting your hair done - usually colour mine as well hopefully get that done tomorrow ha ha Val x

Have a great day Val.

Many thanks Val x

Glad you have had a nice day :) you are right the sun out makes all the difference .

Long may it last Val x

You sounds as though you had a most enjoyable day Val, despite not being able to visit your Mum.

The sun's been out here in West Yorkshire today, but it's not been too warm so we just managed a trip to the supermarket and back :)

Keep on keeping on.........

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